State of the Black Woman

It is very important for girls today to have someone to talk to. We are at a very vital stage in our lives while in college. For some, this may be our first time away from parents for a long period of time and aren’t used to handling certain situations alone. So it is important that girls have some way to express themselves or have an outlet to say how they feel.

Hampton University has an organization called Women’s Caucus that was created to cater to Hampton women. The organization gives young ladies on campus a place to create a sisterhood, reach out to the Hampton community and celebrate being women. Women’s Caucus is a women’s empowerment group that focuses on community outreach both on and off campus in Hampton communities. One member of the group says, “We do a lot of mentoring with young girls and community service.”

I had the chance to sit down with Hanna Ammanuel, a sophomore double major in biology and kinesiology, and member of the Women’s Caucus. Hanna gave me some insight to the organization and a little inside scoop on this year’s “State of the Black Women” event. Last year’s event was very formal with a keynote speaker, special performances and a group discussion. This year’s theme is going to be a little less formal and will consist of “casual girl talk.” Hanna says that this year will be especially exciting because they are doing something a little bit different. She says that this year will be less about listening and more about talking. There will be a large cutout of a woman and girls will be able to post sayings and feelings as an anonymous outlet. “Girl talk” will allow female students of HU to speak their minds on certain issues and topics they feel passionate about. Attendees will be allowed to come forward and share stories and give feedback. The women’s caucus wants young women to be able to embrace their imperfections and flaws in order to truly be vulnerable and completely love ourselves. This is an event that you definitely don’t want to miss!