Spring Break Swimsuit Looks You'll Love

            In just a few days, we’ll go from crying and stressing over midterms to relaxing and soaking up some sun on a beach (hopefully)! Spring Break 2016 is right at our fingertips and while we want to believe all those cute outfits we purchased are going to be worn- we know that realistically we’ll be living in swimsuits for multiple days. Whether your destination is Miami, Puerto Rico, Cancun, or the Bahamas, you and your girls are sure to be dressed in the most trendy swimsuit attire. Luckily, there are cute swimsuit looks for all body types- slim, curvy, busty, “slim thick”, and petite. There are also swimsuit looks for every occasion, whether it’s a day spent at an excursion, happy hour, a beach party or just hitting the strip wherever you vacation.


Here are a few looks:

The one with cut outs- This bathing suit is a go-to because it can fit all body types. A curvy woman with an hourglass shape can go to this to accentuate her curves, while a petite woman who wants to illuminate more of an hourglass shape can rock this. The pink hat is an added accessory that can let you soak up the sun on the beach in a classy was and having a graphic beach towel on your side always enhances a look. Check out this caged swimsuit here.


The Chill Swimwear- For the girl that wants to wear her cute bathing suit top, but isn’t so comfortable wearing the bottom this is the look for her. This swimsuit top is also good for busty girls, with underwire and it ties in the back to hold you up well. For a morning brunch on the beach, this look is perfect and the black shades and Nike hat gives you a laid back aura. Ideal for a hangover, but you’re still trying to be cute. Find a cute printed underwire top here. And find high waist shorts here.

Classy- On Spring Break with so much drinking and partying, class is probably something you’re not thinking of. But, if you’re out turning up, at least you can have a classy swimsuit look. This is another look that can be for all sizes. The bright coral gives you a fun look, while the hint of skin has the perfect sex appeal. A similar look can be found here.




The Throw On Bathing Suit- Just heard about a pool party and don’t want to do too much? This galaxy print bathing suit is the solution. The high waist white bottom is ideal for someone who may have been drinking too much a couple days in and need to cover the bloat, or someone with extra curves. The hot pink bottom is a cute alternative to have a mix-n-match look. Find the similar look here.




The Superstar Swimsuit- If you just want to be cute and enjoy your break and walk the town with a cute suit this is for you! The top doesn’t show too much skin if you’re not into that and the striped high waist bottoms give an amazing waist to hip ratio illusion. High waist bathing suits are definitely a go-to this year. Find the top here, and the high waist bottoms here.



The One-Piece- This swimsuit has been seen all over Instagram. With sayings from, “Dope,” to “IDFWU,” this suit is definitely proving to be a statement for the beach. This swimsuit is so simplistic, yet says so much to a personality. And there’s nothing better than a pair of simplistic gladiators to go with this suit. A similar swimsuit can be found here.



The Happy Hour Swimsuit- Happy hour at the pool? No problem! This color block swimsuit is sold in many colors at most stores where swimwear is sold. These colors are bold and definitely will have you standing out. With your fun-shaped sunglasses and frozen drink in hand, this is the flirtiest look for your Spring Break trip. For girls with a more athletic shape, this look will be sure to enhance your body with it’s fun colors and both black outlining. This look can be found here.

I hope these looks are enough to help you strut your stuff on Spring Break no matter what personality and no matter what body type. Make sure to flick all the pictures you can on Spring Break and bleed Instagram feeds with your photos.