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Spring Break Busters: The Top 5 Worst Kinds of People to Travel With

Happy spring break! Midterms are over. Bags are packed. Flights are booked. Let the fun begin! But before you get going, take a second to look at the people you’re spending your break with. It’s important to really know the people you’re traveling with; otherwise, your spring break could end up being a total bust. Below is a list of travelers you should totally avoid if you want to actually enjoy your break.


1. The Couch Potato

What’s the point of traveling with someone if they’re going to spend the entire vacation in the hotel room? That isn’t what you guys paid for. When you’re on a trip, you should make the most of each day. Someone who is uninterested in leaving the hotel room, exploring different places, and indulging in the attractions the vacation spot has to offer is not someone you should spend money to travel with.


2. The Closed Mind

Similar to The Couch Potato, the close-minded traveler has no desire to do anything remotely fun. Instead, this travel partner sticks to their comfort zone. They won’t try anything that accelerates their heart rate. Since an adrenaline rush is so foreign to them, they can be such a bore to be around.


3. The Phone Addict  

Believe it or not, everything does not have to be posted on Instagram. When you’re traveling, there’s nothing worse than someone who just can’t put the phone down. Posting a few cool sights and vacation flicks are expected, but there’s a fine line between casual posting and documenting every second of the vacation on Instagram. Travel with people who actually live in the moment, not just in their Instagram stories.


4. The Cheapskate

Budgeting is crucial when it comes to spring break. Don’t travel with someone who is too cheap to do anything once you get to your destination. A trip isn’t just about getting there and back; it’s about doing fun activities you don’t typically get to do at home. Everyone on the trip should have spending money for shopping, excursions, and pretty much anything that costs money (everything!). If you can’t afford the experience, don’t go on the trip.


5. The Complainer

Just because your travel partner isn’t having the time of their life doesn’t mean they have to ruin yours. Traveling with a Negative Nancy will drive you insane. “It’s too hot.” “Why is this line so long?” “When are we going back to the hotel?” “I’m tired.” If you want to avoid the negativity and actually enjoy yourself, this kind of travel partner is best kept at home.


If you’re fortunate enough to avoid these types of travelers, you’ll be guaranteed to have a good time. Relax, have fun, and happy traveling!

Ayanna Maxwell

Hampton U '20

Ayanna Maxwell is a graduating senior, strategic communications major at Hampton University. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Ayanna chose to attend Hampton because she admired the HBCU experience. A proud Virgo, she shares a birthday with her favorite singer, Beyonce (September 4th). Ayanna is also a Spring 2018 initiate into the Gamma Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.
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