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Spiritual Health Matters

Many times issues of mental and physical health arise within the college atmosphere. Cases of anxiety and depression seem more prevalent than ever. Although these are very important issues, one aspect of health that is often looked over is spiritual health. The reality is, there IS a relationship between spirituality and the health of a college student.

Many students come into college with fresh aspirations, having been in a routine of maybe going to church every Sunday or reading the bible every day. But being in this environment, it is easy to get mixed up and push your faith to the side. People that don’t always have the same spiritual views as you can influence you to behave certain ways that are unhealthy. But it is important to know that you are never alone. In fact, there is someone out there that has been with you since before you were even a thought.

God has given us all the tools we need to overcome obstacles that are thrown our way. It’s incredible. He has basically given us a survival kit through his word. But it is up to us to open that up and continually hunger to be nourished by His word.

Throughout the Bible, God mentions many key points to a healthy spiritual life:

  1. Believe in Him

  2. Cry out to Him

  3. Follow Him

  4. Drink Him

  5. Obey Him

  6. Serve Him

  7. Live for HIm

  8. Thank Him

Now we know, it may not always seem like the most exciting thing. Becoming spiritually healthy takes discipline and time. But the most beautiful thing about this whole process is that God has already forgiven you. There is no need to carry the burden of your past by yourself. He’s already removed it. As college students, we are really good at tearing ourselves down whether it be grades, appearance, love life, etc. But those are all temporary things. Your health and your walk with God is forever.

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Jasmine Kromah is a second year, strategic communications student from Charlotte, NC. She currently attends Hampton University.
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