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Spindrift: Your New Low-Calorie Soda Alternative

With only 3 grams of sugar per serving, Spindrift® is an ideal alternative to most carbonated beverages. Filled with fresh-squeezed fruit picked from family farms, it’s the one and only sparkling water made with real fruit. Spindrift® comes in seven different fruit-based flavors including lemon, cucumber, grapefruit, orange mango, raspberry lime, strawberry, and blackberry.



As low-calorie, low-sugar sparkling water, it’s pretty refreshing. However, it’s also completely unsweetened aside from the fresh fruit. “Unsweetened” beverages, although much healthier, are often bitter in taste. Spindrift® is no exception. Taste aside, the subtle hints of fruit are incredibly refreshing and the low-calorie aspect of the product makes it a great healthy alternative to many juices and flavored carbonated beverages. The brand’s emphasis on picking fruit only from family farms makes it a more ethical choice as well as far as fruit-based beverages go.

The Spindrift® motto “real food deserves a real drink” only reiterates the brand’s dedication to natural, no sugar added beverages that are refreshing nowhere near as bad for you as some of the leading soft drinks on the market.

All in all, Spindrift® definitely doesn’t taste like soda if that’s what you’re thinking. The flavor is definitely a distinctly bitter one, but it’s hard to expect much else from something that is so low in sugar without any added sugar alternatives. If you’re looking for low-sugar, refreshing drink, you should definitely give Spindrift® a try.

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Corei Flowers

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Corei is a junior student at Hampton University studying Political Science and Strategic Communications. Her interests and hobbies include reading Vogue's sex column religiously, intersectional feminism, and almond milk. 
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