Shoot Your Shot Sis: Valentine’s Day Edition

February 14th is fast approaching and for many that just means another year of sitting at home wishing you weren’t lonely. Well, this year that doesn’t have to be the case. You know there’s a guy you’ve had your eye on for a minute… so what are you waiting for? It’s 2018 and it’s time to shoot your shot sis.

Shooting your shot as a woman is unconventional, but it’s not like you're getting down on one knee and asking for his hand in marriage. Sometimes you might have to go that extra step to get his attention. Especially when he doesn’t get the hint after you liked three pictures or favorited a tweet of his. Guys can be clueless and they won’t realize what's going on until you put yourself on their radar. Below are a few tips to help you execute the art of shooting your shot correctly.

1. Actually, shoot your shot

This is the most important tip because he has to know that you are shooting your shot. Just looking at him is not enough. Liking one picture is not enough. Pressing the follow button is not enough. Scrolling through his page is not enough. With guys, you have to be very direct and specific or it will go right over their heads.

2. Do your research

Make sure you have fully vetted him before you decide you want him. Make sure from what you can tell his personality is great and he’s not just all looks. Scroll through his twitter and pay attention to the post he interacts with, this will also help when deciding how to shoot your shot. Last but not least, MAKE SURE HE IS SINGLE! Do not be that girl! Do not shoot your shot on a man in a relationship, karma is real.

3. It’s all in the approach

The way you approach the situation can determine how successful you’re going to be. Think about how you would want to be approached and use that as a guide. Make sure you choose the right way to approach him: DMs or in person. If you have class with him and see him every 5 minutes, it might be best for you to approach him in person as opposed to waiting to DM him. If you’re not around him as much, a DM might be appropriate, just make sure he follows you back first.

4. Confidence is key

When you are executing the approach you have to be confident. He won’t be able to take you serious if you’re nervous, shy, or unsure. Approach him with confidence so he knows you’re serious. Guys seem to like it when girls take charge.

5. Be original

Make sure you aren’t saying anything corny. If you observed he was goofy in your research, try to say something funny. Send a giphy to his DM. There are a lot of different options; just be yourself and be original and it will go a long way. Before you send the message, make sure you run it by a couple of your friends just to verify it’s good.

6. Take no for an answer

Worst case scenario, you miss the hoop. That’s okay. Maybe he wasn’t for you or he would have end up breaking your heart in the long run. Whatever it is, it’s okay. You have to take risks and put yourself out there because you’ll never know unless you try. But, you have to be able to take no for an answer. If he’s not reciprocating the energy just fall back and leave him alone. Don’t pressure him or send him a million messages back to back. Just move on like a boss and continue about your day.

7. Follow through  

After you’ve shot your shot and succeeded, make sure you follow through. If you get his number make sure you text him back. Be consistent. Try to even work at getting him to take you out on a date. Make sure you follow through.


Instead of just moping around this year take some initiative and shoot your shot. You never know, he might feel the same way. Happy Valentines Day!