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Sexy Halloween Costumes

Dressed to Kill: Halloween Lingerie

Halloween is here and it’s not just Christmas when you can choose to be naughty or nice! Costumes are the new spark in between everyone’s sheets. Here’s five lingerie costumes sexy on and off!


  1. The Infamous Playboy Bunny

Who says that Hefner is the only person that can have bunnies? This sexy bunny is easy to create with a simple corset, choker, and bunny ears!

  1. The Luring Lioness

ROAR! The lioness is a feisty beast waiting to prey on bae, achieve this look with wild hair and this sexy lion suit from yandy.com

  1. The Provocative Pirate

Everyone loves a little pirate’s booty! This pirate is edgy and sultry, create this look with a pirate costume on yandy.com


  1. The Vixen Villain

Good girl gone BAD! This villain look is the definition of naughty, make this look with smokey  makeup and the dark spider costume on fashionnova.com.

  1. The Pretty Pokemon

Gotta catch them all! After this year’s pokemon go trend it would only be fun to add this pikachu outfit from fashionnova.com.  


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