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Sex Experience from Hell

It took me months to find the perfect match and confidently know, I was making the right decision if you know what I’m saying. I didn’t want to go to just anyone and later on in life regret my decision. You can’t just go and trust anyone with something like this, you really need to find someone that’s fun, reasonable, and most importantly someone you like. I didn’t have the proper “lesson” or “big chat” with my parents as my friends did; I had to learn as I went with a little help with Google. Gosh, thank God for Google. I looked up so many different images, types, and examples, I really wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing. 

I’ll never forget it when it happened, the day before my birthday; I had just moved into my own place and I figured it was the next step into “adulthood”. I was no longer picky on who was going to be the lucky one, I kinda wanted it to just happen. I ran into an old friend of mine who I guess you can say has “plenty” of experience in this type of stuff. We started talking and he was so chill and sweet and made me promises like “You’ll sleep good tonight” or “A flawless night sleep”, so I put him to the test and booked my appointment on my birthday. 

I walked in, everything was set up so nice definitely set the tone and mood. He showed me around and sweet-talked my ears off of course. I’m not gonna lie, he had a good game which explains why his rating is so high. But anyway, after I walked in I got situated and was nervous because I had never done anything like this before, this was my first time and a very monumental moment in my life. This was something I would have to live with for a while, but I trusted him so I gave in. 

It was weird, I didn’t know what to say; let alone what to do. All these questions filled my head, Where do I touch? What exactly do I touch? Was I sure this is right? Will I later regret my decision? 

As time goes by, things were touched and tested. He definitely showed me a couple of things I have never seen before, and the crazy thing was that it wasn’t even that big and I fell in love. I’m glad I showered before I came because he had me all over the place, literally on every corner of the mattress and even off. 

It lasted for about 20 minutes. I thought it was pretty long given that it was my first time and I hadn’t had any experience. I’m not going to lie, I was attracted at first, it was comforting. I never thought I would have a conversation like this with my mom; this was a true mature moment. 

I told my friends and parents about everything that happened. My mom was upset, as I expected because she’s always told me to wait till I was ready but in all actuality, it’s really till she’s ready. She replied, “You don’t have the extra money to be buying a new mattress Autumn,” but at the end of the day he kept the promises made and I did have a good and flawless night!


Hello beautiful people,My name is Autumn Smith! Im a 2nd year journalism major, film studies minor originally from Oakland, CA......But reside in Phoenix, AZ! My hobbies consist of photography, writing, and running (Im on the womans track & field team). I plan to write my own children's books and screen plays, then soon producing my very own movie, keep aspiring!
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