Sex Baby, Let’s Talk about… How You’re Really Not Ready

Let’s talk about the topic that is on everyone's mind but nobody wants to share it. Sex. This topic may be easy for some but really hard for others. Especially if your first time. People watch movies where sex is seen as not that big of a deal or they listen to their friends rave about their awesome sex experiences. And you sit there wondering when is it going to be your turn to finally share in the fun that everyone has been raving about. 

I think the main thing about sex is for the one you really have to get out of your head. It doesn’t matter when you lose it or who you lose it to but all that matters is that you’re ready and you know 100% ready. Take it from me, I’m in a committed relationship with a great boy and I don’t know why but for some reason I don’t know if I’m really ready for that next big step. Maybe my problem is I should stop watching these romantic movies and thinking that sex is really going to be like that. 

My real problem is I’m scared of the pain that everyone is always talking about when they lose it their first time. If you’re anything like me and you’re not someone who can really handle the pain you may want to wait for the first time so the person you lose it to really understands and takes care of you. 

So how do we get over the hump even though we know we found the right person. Honestly, I think I need to listen to my own advice and just stop thinking and talking about it so much and just let it happen naturally. I just want to get to that step where I can be confident and get ready for a DA and just have all that fun that I see in the movies and I can finally have some stories to share on my own. 

I know I shouldn’t rush though, and neither should any of you. You’ll know when you’re, trust and believe. Then we can all have some SAFE fun!