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Sex and the City: Right person wrong time?

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As a frequent re-watcher of Sex and the City, I find myself constantly questioning whether Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big were truly endgame? Yes, they seemed to be in pure matrimony after ten long years of back and forth. However, ten years is a long time, so why did it take Mr. Big so long to finally take Bradshaw seriously? Is this idea of right person wrong time, truly a viable statement or a lame excuse to waste someone else’s time?

Viewers meet Mr. Big in the pilot episode of Sex and the City. A charming well-off “antagonist” that would continue to plague Carrie’s life for the rest of the series. His cocky personality wins over the viewers’ heart (whether you admit it or not)

From the very beginning of the series, Big makes it very clear that he is not ready for the same level of commitment as Bradshaw. Well, obviously Bradshaw took this as “I can change him”, and continued to get her feelings hurt throughout the tenure of the show. The show’s proven antagonist even goes as far as to marry a 20- something year old after telling Carrie he did not want to get married again. Yes, you read that correctly, Carrie remained with a man who told her from the beginning that he did not want to get married again. Maybe Carrie is the show’s true antagonist in the show?

However, Bradshaw must have known something that no one else did because she truly believed she was going to be with Big for the long haul. She even goes as far to cheat on a wonderful man (yes, I am Team Aidan) to be with Big who at the time was married to a completely different woman. Her thinking was completely irrational. She not only cheated on Aidan but after he finally forgives her, Bradshaw decides to break off her engagement to him. 

This idea of right person wrong time that Bradshaw held onto is completely irresponsible. However, there is a small part of me that believes that the idea of waiting for someone who you know will be your forever partner is quite romantic. Are we as humans supposed to see fireworks and hear violins playing when we see the love of our life? Or are we supposed to accept the first person that treats us, right? 

As a self-diagnosed hopeless romantic, I want to hear a full orchestra and see fireworks when I come across the love of my life. Even though Carrie’s behavior was idiotic, it was a true act of love. She believed that after every trial and tribulation, Big and her were going to be endgame. The hopeless romantic in every viewer beams with joy when Big finally realizes Carrie is “the one” and flies to Paris to make sure she knew that.

I must believe that if Bradshaw had settled with Aidan, she would have never been happy. The idea that right person wrong time deems romantic in theory, however, it is completely irrational. It is a constant battle between what could have been and is there something better out there?

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Sydney Broadnax

Hampton U '23

Sydney Broadnax is currently a senior journalism major with an area of concentration in english from Detroit, Michigan. She has been in Hercampus since freshman year of college and is excited to serve as 2022-2023 Editor-In-Chief. She cannot wait to share her love for writing with her Hercampus chapter