Securing the Bag SZN: Debunking Myths

Everyone wants to acquire and sustain a state of financial surplus, but most people do not know the truth behind the process, or the steps to take in order to achieve their goals.  In this article, I’m going to debunk 5 myths about the journey to securing the bag!

Myth #1: Everyone Will Support You

Some people that you believe are your friends are not your friends when it counts! When you start a business, have an event, or build a brand, your true supporters will be revealed. There are going to be people who disagree with what you’re doing, people who will tell you “no,” people who will not promote you, and people who will not take an extra step for you. DON’T LET THAT STOP YOUR CALLING AND YOUR BAG! Your dream is not about pleasing others; a few people not supporting you does not necessarily mean that you’re on the wrong path.  Keep strong, confident individuals around you that will encourage you when nobody else will.


Myth #2: Every Job Should Be Paid

Money in exchange for our time is ideal, but developing followers, connections, and resumes is priceless. Whether it’s an internship or freelance work, not every job you work will monetarily secure the bag. Your goal should be to create an influence so undeniable behind the scenes that once you get in front of the camera they’ll have no choice but to pay you! How do you do this? Offer your time for free, at least in the beginning. Learn information, make mistakes, and perfect your craft while you can; once people start paying you, the window for anything less than excellence drastically shrinks. College is the time to do as much as you can for as many people as you can.  If you do it for free and do it well, eventually your price will go up. Get your name out there, generate a strong resume, and network in many areas; the bag will come!


Myth #3: You Won’t Have to Choose

Securing the bag will require you to implement two things: sequence and sacrifice.  You need to devise a plan, a sequence, for the short-term and the long-term. The more specific and intentional you are, the better your results will be.  Master one thing at a time, starting with the foundation of your plan, so that you’ll be able to branch out into more things later. For example, if you want to become a hairdresser, nail tech, and lash tech, choose one to master first, stack up your credibility, and then move on to your next goal.  By using a strategic sequence, people will be more likely to trust your work, and will be more open to invest into your multiple endeavors. Big dreams require big sacrifice. There will be days when you can’t be as social as you’d like, days when you have to say no to date nights, and days when plans will have to change.  This is the reality of securing the bag: sequence and sacrifice. It’s not glamorous along the way, but it costs to fulfill your purpose on this earth.


Myth #4: Your Business/Brand Will Speak For Itself

With social media clouding our brains, there’s a content overload.  Think about how many small businesses and brands that you see on your feed daily. Next, think about a song you love that you think is so slept on. Why don’t either of those things seem to stick and become mainstream? These two things have something in common: they lack proper exposure. With so much information effortlessly available to us, it’s easy for a new business/brand to get skipped over, especially with so many professional, established options within reach. This means that you’ll have to constantly be posting your business/brand to attract others. Not just once a week, not just one flyer, not just one IG post. You have to be persistent and consistent! You have to post things that grab the attention of others; try posting at a recurring time, posting client feedback, and posting different types of content (videos, pictures, flyers, memes, etc). A great idea is never enough. People need to see that you’re always working and improving. Don’t solely rely on your talent or final product to carry you to success. The bag is secured by those who have great influence.


Myth #5: It’s Going To Take Off Immediately

Who are 5 commercially successful people that inspire you? How old are they? Most of the people you thought of are probably 25 and above. If they are relatively young, how long were they working toward their success BEFORE they became famous? This should humble and comfort you. Don’t rush yourself or your abilities. You have time to achieve everything that you’ve ever wanted. However, at the same time this might scare and frustrate you. We all are dying to make it, but more importantly, we want to make it NOW! Unfortunately, that’s not how securing the bag (the generational bag) works. You have to grind for years and maybe even decades to see the fruits of your labor.  If you quit before it’s your time, you cannot receive those overflowing blessings. But, ladies, if you put in the work long enough, your custom bag will be 

S E C U R E D.