To Secure The Bag... You Have To Save It First: Digit App Review

Saving money is something my father has instilled in my brain for as long as I can remember. Because of his constant drilling into my brain about the importance of saving, I managed to purchase my first car at the age of 16. I don’t think I would have achieved an accomplishment like that without his constant reminders. However, that is not the case for others. Some people struggle with saving and managing their money. This leads to stress and constant worry about how they are going to pay that bill next month or buy those books for their classes. If you are one of those people, there is an app to help you solve your money problems.


Initially, I downloaded this app because I kept seeing ads on social media about it. Personally, I have a problem with credit cards and wanted to find an effective way to pay them down, if not all the way off. With this app you can create separate savings accounts for any savings goals. Some of the popular goals are a rainy day fund, credit card fund, or a vacation fund. Specifically with the credit card fund, the app makes automatic monthly payments toward the card in an attempt to pay down your balance faster. This feature can help you stay organized and monitor how much money you put toward each fund. Also, you can choose how much money you would like to put in each account daily. If you would like to have a “maximum daily save amount” you are able to limit how much money is allocated to the account each day. For example, my settings are so that no more than three dollars are put into my savings account each day.

Another beneficial feature of this app is that it sends a text to your phone notifying you of your up to date bank account balance everyday. This helps so that you don’t overspend, and avoid overdraft fees. Another way that this app helps with overdraft fees is that when your bank account balance drops below $25, the amount saved in the rainy day fund is automatically transferred to your bank account.


All in all, this app is great for goal setting whether that being a vacation somewhere tropical or simply trying to live debt free. Trying to save money in college can be very difficult and this app can help you succeed and relieve some of the stress that you already have way too much of. If you or someone that you know struggles with money management tell them to give this app a try!