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Restore HU

This week Hamptonians were shocked and outraged to hear that administration had cancelled 12-2’s for the remainder of the semester! This all started with the cancellation of an old time Hampton tradition, 100 days. Each spring semester graduation seniors along with the rest of the student body look forward to the countdown of when the seniors graduate. The countdown begins on the 100th day until graduation. A celebration occurs at the beginning of 12-2 where the seniors are decked down in their class colors and parade the student center for 12-2. From there it is a huge day party that occurs for the entire 12-2. 

This year 100 days was cancelled due to a concern for “safety”. Onyx 9, which is the current senior class her at Hampton Univeristy, were very upset by this decision from administration. But instead of biting the dust they chose to celebrate this joyous occassion by having their own party off campus in the Hampton Roads area. The celebration was a success based on those who attended the event.

Fast forward to yesterday which was Friday, February 7th and  once again there was no 12-2. Students believe that administration fear that students will still try and go forth with an 100 days type event in the student center, which is not the case. Since the coming of this news, students have started a movement on campus called Restore HU. Hamptonians are fed up with the bureaucracy of Hampton administration and wish for their voices to be heard. What started with the banning of block parties, to the end of a popular event called Cram Session, to now the suspension of 12-2s, this is the straw that has broken the camels back for many students.   

There will be a town hall meeting on Tuesday, February 11th that will allow students to address the issues they have with the university infront of President Harvey and other administration and faculty. We are excited as well as supportive of Restore HU and look forward to what happens with this movement in the future. 

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