Prepping for the Winter: 5 Easy Ways To Keep Warm

Although fall is welcomed with open arms, it's also a reminder that winter is next and the cold weather that comes with it. This past week the weather has suddenly dropped, and not only in the Hampton Roads area. With winter slowly but surely creeping up on us, we have five simple ways to make sure you keep warm and stay far away from the freezing weather!

1. Infinity Scarves

It’s always important to make sure you're properly bundled up in the cold weather in order to avoid getting sick! One of the cute ways to keep your neck protected is infinity scarves! Not only do they keep you warm but they come in different sizes and colors which is essential to complete the perfect winter outfit!

2. Warm, fuzzy sweaters!

Polka dot, stripped, big and bold colors! Everyone loves a big, warm sweater! They are the perfect piece of clothing to layer and ultimately stay warm during the winter. They are also very affordable. A lot of the best sweaters can be found at thrift stores, so get to shopping!

3. Remember to layer!

It’s always easy to find clothing that can keep you warm but the technique of layering adds so much more to the degree of warmth! Previously mentioned were infinity scarves and sweaters, layering those with warm jackets, vests, and other warm clothing will definitely keep your warm during a freezing winter!

4. Uggs!

Who can resist a fresh new pair of Uggs? They are perfect for the cold weather and they are also guaranteed to keep your feet warm regardless of how cold it gets. They also come in different colors and styles to satisfy anyone’s own personal style.


5. A big cup of hot chocolate!

There is nothing better than cuddling up under a mountain of sheets with some hot chocolate! Simply staying inside and sipping on a cup of hot chocolate keeps your mind off of the cold weather outside and makes for the perfect winter day!