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We were only in quarantine for about three months when it started to feel like we had been indoors for an entire year. Sadly, we were all taken away from our friends and beloved college campus but there are some advantages to being home. One of the best benefits is the chance to reinvent ourselves. Here are some tips to survive quarantine and come out an even badder b.

Skin Care, Skin Care and SKIN CARE. It is so easy to become lazy about your skincare routine when you’re inside 24/7 but this is the perfect time to experiment. Find out what’s best for your skin and what makes you break out. Experiment with toners and different pimple creams so by the time you go back to class your skin is clean and clear. 

WORK OUT. As Beyonce says, “A little sweat has never hurt nobody.” Girl, yes you, I know that you’ve been eating to your heart's desire but it is now time to put down the bag of chips and go on a run. As someone who did not gain the Freshman 15 until quarantine, I am telling you to start sooner rather than later. You can have that snatched body and then when you get back to campus, it won’t be as hard to maintain it. 

Meditate and/or Pray. The majority of your time in quarantine is spent alone and sometimes, we as humans need to balance ourselves and reach within. During these turbulent times, take time for yourself and talk to God or the Universe or even your inner self. Unknowingly, you might be broken in places and in desperate need of healing so set aside this time for yourself. 

Make yourself happy! Whatever that means to you. If that means reading more then do that, if means watching more movies then turn your TV on. Do whatever is going to make you happy because that is how you have a true glow up. Being happy brings out an inner glow. Obtaining constant joy will allow the inner goddess to come out so focus on making yourself smile. 

Most of these tips are to help you show up to school (whenever you go back) as a new and improved version of yourself, but they all fall under one common theme - taking care of yourself. In this time, you and your health should absolutely come first so always make sure that you are thriving. Overall, you are going to be your best self when you decide to take your life into your hands.

Zaria Milledge

Hampton U '23

My name is Zaria Milledge I am a second year Political Science student from Bartlett, Illinois. I aspire to one day be a lawyer and then Supreme Court Justice.
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