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Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Photo: @passionjonez Instagram

Plus size women in the more recent years have changed the game of Halloween costumes. No longer will we wear the ordinary stuffy black tops and bottoms with cat ears as a costume. Cringy oversized mad hatter costumes from WalMart just won’t do the trick anymore. It is 2019, and plus size women aren’t afraid to take risks in Halloween costumes anymore! Clothing sites have become more inclusive in creating sizes for every body type making it easier for curvier women to slay and look sexy for Halloween. 

Here are a few costume ideas if you are a plus-size woman willing to step out of the box society has put us it. Some are revealing, some are just darn, stinking cute, either way, you will look curvy and fabulous!

  1. Sexy Nurse

Cliche I know! But always a classic. This cute costume could be styled in multiple ways. In the photo, the woman has a sultry dress showing lots of cleavage with a stethoscope around her neck. Also, gloves make any costume pop, as well as hats, so definitely copy that! You could even grab a leotard and fishnets and make it your own. Overall this costume is a killer and would definitely make funny photo ops!  You’d have to make sure the crowd is still breathing after you take their breath away with this costume.

2. Captain America   ​

We all love a good superhero fantasy. What better hero to imitate than Captain America? This cute set is from fashion nova and pairing this with red booties and fishnets would be a whole look! Also, a cute blue headband and cape would set this costume off! Give us marvel vibes Hunny!

3. Lizzo

Our plus size community leader is definitely going to be a common costume this year, might as well hop on the train early. What an iconic outfit! A nice fluffy dress or white leotard with a veil is essential in a Lizzo costume. Don’t forget that flute boo. That is what’s going to set the whole fit off! Walking around all night twerking while playing the flute is a vibe! Go for it!


4. Catwoman

Don’t be scared of latex this season ladies! If you want to put a spin on the typical cat costume do it right! This whip and an eye mask are setting it off. Catwoman was badass and so can you in this sexy all-black costume. This one is a little more conservative if you aren’t all the way body-positive yet. Confidence takes time and this costume would be the perfect little push.

5. Cher from Clueless

A movie inspired costume is literally my favorite go tos. Cher from clueless is a well thought and clever costume. A plaid two-piece would have your Instagram feed jumping! Also, a vintage cell phone adds character to this fit. Make sure you have knee socks and mary janes with it and you’re good to go. This is the perfect costume if you want to keep it cute and classy.

6. Sexy Ninja

I had to save the best for last! This costume is honestly a mood. So many looks could be served chile! This red leotard paired with fishnets and black ankle boots is the most fire fit this year. A beat face is necessary with this fit due to the sexy face mask you HAVE to include! Add some fire ninja poses and you’ll be sure to grab all attention.


I hope these have inspired you to be creative and confident this Halloween! Who says you can’t own the beautiful shape of your body this spooky season? 

Myeshia Barrett

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