Perfect Dates for Fall

Fall is one of the best seasons to go out on dates with your significant other. There are many things to do with the ones you love and let’s not forget that it’s officially cuddle season. The weather is finally starting to cool down so spending nights alone just isn’t it anymore. This weather will have you wanting to be laid up with your boo or simply enjoying their presence. Below are some date ideas that you and your significant other can do this fall!


  1. The perfect fall date could be a day spent pumpkin picking or apple picking at a local farm. Go on hayrides and walk through corn mazes holding hands.

  1. Bonfires are a perfect date for a relaxing evening for just the two of you. Sometimes you have to start a fire to rekindle a romance or keep things spicy. Get to a bonfire pit and grab some wine. This is a perfect date to enjoy each other's company and talk about any and everything.

  2. Football games are a also perfect date for this season. Both the NFL and college football teams kickoff their seasons in the fall. Go out and enjoy a football game or two with your significant other and make sure you go to the tailgates as well because they are always fun to mingle with other people.

  1. Visit your local fall festival or carnival for the perfect evening date with your significant other. You can never go wrong with food, vendors, music and rides!

  2. Attend a costume party for Halloween and dress up as your favorite couple on television. Don’t forget to take cute pictures for social media! Only if you two made it to that level… if you know what I mean for all my "situationships" out there.

7. Top this fall off with inviting your partner to Thanksgiving dinner with your family. They will enjoy meeting your family and being surrounded by those who you love most. Don’t worry about how things will work out prior to dinner, because if your significant other loves you, they will respect your family and appreciate them for who they are!