The Past and Future is Black Female

As a young woman in society today, there are many women that I look up to for different reasons. But being a young black woman, the women that I look up to, gives me the feeling that anything and everything is possible just by being unapologetically who I am. 


When you see someone that looks like you and is successful in doing what they’re passionate about is like looking at myself in the future. Of course, it doesn’t matter what your role models look like or where they come from. What truly matters is that you see something in them that ignites a fire in you. 


Seeing the hardships that black women have gone through, continue to go through, and the success that they accomplish regardless will always be a powerful truth that resonates with young black girls. we heard what our mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers and how it made them stronger beyond belief. 


We see what figures like Michelle Obama and Yara Shahidi are doing for black youth, especially young black girls, and we see a bit of ourselves in them. we see our dreams and aspirations in them. Each woman before us have paved the way for us now, and all that we can do is make sure that path is available for the young black girls that we once were.