Overcrowding at Hampton #SendHelpPls

Why was Holland hotter than the devil's toenail? Why was the line for the 1st FCW (Fried Chicken Wednesday) of semester outside of the cafe door? Why were we packed in like sardines at 12-2? Why are student's dorm assignments located in the Harbors apartments? One word, freshmen. The overcrowding isn’t even their fault; they just wanted to be Hamptonians. This significant increase in student enrollment has drastically effected how Hampton runs as a whole.

Out of the roughly 3,100 students who attended Admitted Students Day, nearly half (1,436) decided to attend Hampton. Even more students were accepted than the 3,100 who attended ASD. Onyx 11, is the largest class Hampton has ever seen.

I have experienced the effect that the influx of freshman students has had on the Scripps-Howard School of Journalism and Communications. Freshman are allowed to take JAC 110.  However, if an upperclassman needs 110 and all the classes are full, they may be placed in JAC 200.  In my JAC 200, Visual Design class, we are over-capacity due to the increase in the number of overrides. Overrides take place when a professor or administrator allows a student to be in class even though the class is full. The issue with my JAC 200 class is now we have more students than equipment.  Some students are now forced to purchase software that would normally be included in the class in order to still be enrolled in the class. I'm sure  issues similar to this exists in other departments around campus.  

It is still very early in year. Adjustments are being made to accommodate the overcrowding.Custodians placed large fans in Holland to cool the area and cafeteria staffers are getting into the swing of things.  However, and I’m not sure if there is any hope for 12-2 improvements.  The good news is, not every 12-2, Holland, and FCW will be as crowded as the first.  So for now, please be patient with the long lines, and try to get to events early.