Outfit of The Week: Tiffany Livingston

Tiffany Livingston is a graduating senior, strategic communications major, marketing minor from Washington, D.C.


HC: Do name brands matter to you?

Tiffany: No, they don’t matter. I like to shop anywhere.


HC: Are you more of a sneaker/boots/or heel type of girl?

Tiffany: Heels every day!


HC: Colors/patterns or black & white? 

Tiffany: I love patterns.


HC: Less or more?

Tiffany: More.  


HC: What is your favorite store(s) to shop from? 

Tiffany: Thrift stores or vintage shops are my favorite!

HC: What celebrities inspire your style?

Tiffany: Tracee Ellis Ross, Ryan Destiny and Rihanna.


HC: When dating, do you want your significant other to know how to dress?

Tiffany: I want him to look good, but he doesn’t have to know how to dress because I will style him. I like for my man to be comfortable, he doesn’t always have to be dressed up.


HC: When someone asks you “who/what did you get cute for?” What do you say? 

Tiffany: Myself, duh!


HC: If you were forced to either dress up every day or dress down every day, which one would you pick? 

Tiffany: Dress up.


HC: Any fashionable quotes you live by? 

Tiffany: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”- Rachel Zoe


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