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Onyxly, Is It The Year of the Ogre?

October has just begun and that only means one thing on the campus of Hampton University: Homecoming! A time to not only show your school spirit and how well you can balance going to classes and parties, but also a time for memories to be made among the three different classes. Following midterms week, Homecoming is an occasion for students to collectively unwind and enjoy the upbeat atmosphere.

As we all know, it is “The year of the Ogre”, which is known to be a legendary year among Hampton students and Alumni. As graduating seniors begin to leave their legacy behind, they welcome the “baby Ogres” to their new home by the sea. However, with the way this year has been playing out, is the year of the Ogre really all it’s cracked up to be? ​

Students were disappointed upon the unveiling of who will be performing at this year’s Homecoming concert; Philly’s rising star, PnB Rock. The concert, which is usually held on Thursday night is the highlight of Homecoming week for many because who doesn’t love a good performance? In the past, Hampton has had artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, and Cardi B. Eric Mckie, a baby Ogre, commented on the announcement stating, “PnB performing is not surprising. No matter how much money we pay we always get the short end of the stick. I don’t understand how we went from getting Migos to PnB.”

Among other things, 12-2 was canceled until further notice as well as 100 days and BOTS (Battle of the States). For many freshmen, these events will not be a part of their freshmen year experience, and as for seniors, they can’t count on living these Hampton traditions one last time. A member of the freshmen class, Nylah Powell, talks about the events of this school year saying, “I hate that 12-2 has been canceled. Our class is missing out on an iconic Hampton tradition that everyone looks forward to.” On the other hand, it is rumored that on the Friday of Homecoming week, 12-2 will be temporarily resumed in honor of the Homecoming Bazar and returning alumni.

Students who participated in BOTS call it the highlight of their freshmen year, a time where they could showcase the love for their region as well as their talents. It followed Freshmen Ball during freshmen week along with other events catered to the freshmen class. One-hundred days is significant to the senior class as it begins their 100-day countdown until graduation.

No one was expecting the year to play out like this but as heard before, “Hampton is what you make it.” Let’s hope that the remainder of the year works out in the Ogre’s favor. Be sure to follow @HUHC168 on Instagram to stay updated on everything that is happening Homecoming week!

Jordyn Edwards is a graduating senior at the illustrious Hampton University studying strategic communications with an emphasis in liberal studies. Jordyn creates for others while being deeply motivated for her passion of storytelling and helping women find their voices.
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