Ogre Dolla Holla 2016

Are You Ready? : Ogre Dolla Holla 2016

Midterms are over but take back your GPA season is in full effect which means stress levels are through the roof. What better way to relieve some of that stress by attending a well-known Hampton event that is guaranteed to go up no matter what? This event is better known as Ogre Dolla Holla, the $1 Holland party hosted by the Ogre Phi Ogre class! However, just like 12-2 and Homecoming, there are survival tips that you need to ensure your Saturday evening is one for the books. Below are all the keys you need!

Before The Lituation, The Pre-game, Getting Ready

1. Dove and Degree

Hygiene is most important Hamptonians. Any Holland party is going to be on the Hell setting temperature wise, so you are guaranteed to sweat. Please make a shower before you get dressed to ensure that you at least walk in smelling fresh and won’t sour so soon once the party is in full effect. Swipe your deodorant a few extra times and spritz your cologne a little bit more than usual. Do not be caught in the funk!

2. “I have nothing to wear!”

Holland outfits can be difficult being that you have to dress for the temperature inside and out, in addition to wearing something you can move in while looking like a snack. The best advice is to dress for the temperature inside. However, this weekend’s temperature lows will be in the 40’s and 50’s, so a jacket might be a good idea if you don’t want Pneumonia. Speaking of temperature, the heat inside the gym will have your hair on a different level. Ponytails, hats, and headbands are lifesavers. Also refrain from wearing light colored clothes, because sweat stains are noticeable and embarrassing. Light colored clothes also run the risk of catching full faces of makeup to them when your homegirl’s favorite twerk song starts playing.


1. Get Out the Way!

After attending 12-2’s and various other parties, you know all the stroll songs will be played. With this being said, act accordingly when you hear a whistle and see a line assembling. You do not want to be trampled or disrupt the moment. If you see someone about to get caught up, be a fellow Hamptonian, and save them.

2. Don’t Pick Up the Phone Baby

Even though it’s a fact that Ogre Dolla Holla will a successful turnup, do not let your phone ruin the moment. Of course you will snap everyone rapping Dreams and Nightmares and your friend killing the Juju on the Beat challenge, but put your phone away for the rest of the night. Our generation loves to complain that functions are boring, but the potential cannot be reached if Twitter and Facetime have your attention during the duration of the event. Enjoy the moment!


  1. You Don’t Have to Go Home But…..

When the lights come on and you hear Kirk Franklin’s “Brighter Day”, find your friends and begin to make your way to the exit. Make sure you have all your belongings including ID, keys, jacket, etc. It is imperative that you exit Holland quickly but Hampton Police are not fans of excessive hanging out once events have ended. As you walk towards the exit, figure out which after party to slide to or who is driving to Cookout.

  1. “Can I get a burger tray with double Cajun fries?”

After Holland, you will have worked up a great appetite. Cookout, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell are the go-to places. Please prepare yourself for the long lines because you will not be the only car pulling up to the drive thru window. Keep in mind that Wendy’s no longer takes more than 2 orders in the drive thru lane so be ready to drive around twice. Lastly, do not drive under the influence or let anyone else do so. Be a good friend and offer to drive or take an uber!

Remember to have a good night and stay safe. If this is your first Ogre Dolla Holla, you are in for a treat. The function starts at 9pm so gather your funds and get there before it gets too packed. Hope to see you there!