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No Shave November

It’s the first week of November and you may have noticed something different on campus and everywhere else. It’s the beginning of “No Shave November.” This is a month long journey during which participants do not shave or groom there face. This is not a challenge created for solely fun, but it has an important cause. The purpose of “No Shave November” is to evoke conversation and raise the awareness of cancer. The goal is to also make people embrace their hair. Since so many cancer patients lose their hair, this challenge allows others to appreciate theirs.

Donating the money you typically spend on shaving and grooming can create many possibilities.  It could educate, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle. Hampton University’s students are even collecting and donating money to the cause

No Shave November is not just specifically for men. Women are also taking a stand and participating by putting the razor down and not shaving their legs for a month. Some women even go through the entire month without shaving their armpits or getting their eyebrow’s done.

Even though you cannot get your beard cut or trimmed, there are many ways to make your beard look clean. Here are some tips to pass on help to someone along this journey:

  1. Combs and brushes were meant solely for the hair on your head. Using them on your beard as well makes it look more neat and tamed.
  2. One of the biggest issues men face when growing a beard is the annoying itch. Beard oils help prevent the irritation. There is also a great scent that comes with it.
  3. Pick your lines and shave the edges using a cartridge, safety or straight razor. It helps you achieve that neat line along your beard.
  4. Use a beard wash to further combat the itching you main obtain. 
  5. Wrap things up by applying a beard cream to help tame the hair, giving it a more defined, controlled look.

This is a fun but important cause to bring awareness to cancer. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a man, women can do it to. Grab a friend and make a difference. It’s not to late to join.


We can’t talk about “No Shave November” and not acknowledge the men with the best beards.






Destiny Warner is a sophomore Nursing major from New York City attending Hampton University. She is very fun, open minded, and positive. Her calm and good vibes attract any one she is around. Destiny enjoys trying new things and pushing herself to new limits. In the future, she see herself working as a surgical nurse in the hospital.
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