No Plans for Spring Break? No Problem.

For a number college students spring break usually means Miami or traveling outside of the country to tropical places like Mexico, Jamaica, or the Bahamas. As for another portion of college students, we are broke and therefore have no plans for spring break. Our plans consist of going back to our hometowns and spending time with our parents and siblings. Those of us who have categorized ourselves in the second portion, don’t fret! There are still ways to have fun during your spring break, even if you are not lying on the beach in 80 degree weather.


Sit back and relax!

The first thing you can do is RELAX. As college students we all know that the workload is stressful to say the least. Take a break from the constant studying and the many all-nighters that you may have needed to pull. Being able to kick your feet up with no worries for a couple days is more than necessary. Give your brain a break! Stress is a cause of many health problems as well as premature aging. Who wants wrinkles at 35? Go to the spa and get a facial or massage. Get a mani-pedi. Treat yourself sis, you know you deserve it!


Continue to educate yourself.

Although this is a break from school, you should never stop educating yourself. Use your spring break to pick up a good book to start reading. If you haven’t read Becoming by our favorite auntie, Michelle, where have you been? Expand your vocabulary, your intellectual capacity, and the different ways of viewing things. Go on a date with your friends or significant other to the museum. Whether you go to an art museum, history museum, science museum or even the children’s museum, you can make a fun date out of it and possibly learn something you would’ve never known otherwise.


Partake in some retail therapy.

After getting through the first half of the semester and surviving midterms, college can take a toll on you. To add on to that, if you have no plans for spring break, it can really make you feel down. Especially as you see many of your peers traveling to these extravagant destinations. Taking a trip to the mall could make you feel a little bit better. Retail therapy has to be one of the most effective methods of therapy in my opinion! I believe that clothes and the way that you present yourself can really contribute to your confidence and self-esteem. Now, I am not saying to go out and blow your whole savings. Thrifting is a hobby that has become quite popular. It may take a little more effort to find unique pieces but it is definitely worth it.



If you live in the city there is bound to be many different places for you to eat. It may range from Thai food to Indian food to Ethiopian food. If you are anything like me, your food choices get a little picky and this may not be your cup of tea. However, it is important to be open minded! You can’t just eat chicken strips for the rest of your life. Have fun with it and try three new food places you have never eaten before (be sure not to break the bank in the process). Broaden your horizons so that when you actually do go to these other countries you’ll be more than prepared to get your grub on.


As you can see there is a magnitude of ways to spend spring break other than the typical Miami trip. The list can go on and on. All you need to do is find things to do in your city with your friends. Maybe even take a mini road trip of couple hours away! No need to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy yourself.