My Transition from High School to College

Yay, I did it! I walked across the stage and received my diploma. I can say goodbye to standardized tests, college applications, and extra-curricular activities that came with being in high school. I can take a huge breath of relief because I finally made it to my freshman year of college. Here’s what I’ve noticed about my transition so far: 

My classes are more challenging. 

In hindsight, high school was extremely easy. There were a few hard assignments here and there. But for the most, earning exceptional grades was not as challenging as I thought. College, however, is no walk in the park.I’m humbled by not only the curriculum, but the workload as well. I am learning ways to improve my organizational skills and developed better study habits. I find myself writing more notes and attending study sessions with friends, all things I never did while in high school. Although I feel challenged, I am so excited to grow as a student and succeed academically. 

My social life is changing. 

I am blessed to be able to say that I kept the same friend group all four years of high school. They were true friends, and leaving them was hard. Because I kept the same friends, I never really knew what it was like to make new ones. To be completely honest, the whole idea terrified me. Thinking about having to make new friends made me nervous and I did not think I was ready. College is forcing me to leave my comfort zone. From the very moment I stepped on campus during precollege in the summer, I have been greeted with nothing but hugs and warm smiles. I am now totally eager to meet new friends, join clubs, and attend events on campus. 

I’m learning the definition of frugal. College is expensive! In high school, I worked small jobs and was able to spend money on whatever I wanted. I’m now learning how to prioritize the money I have and only spend on what’s important. So far I’ve had to pay for books, lab fees, class dues, etc. all while still having to survive. I’ve put myself on a tight budget. No more shopping sprees or unnecessary lunch dates. From now on, I will get what I need first then work on what I want. 

I’m becoming the best version of myself. 

College is teaching me so many valuable lessons. I’m making new friends, learning how manage money wisely, and transforming into the best student I can be. I’m learning how to take care of myself in every aspect. I can proudly say I’m mastering the true act of “adulting”. My transition from high school to college has not been seamless, but it has allowed me to grow. I’m excited to discover what else God has in store for me during my matriculation at Hampton University, my beautiful home by the sea.