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Missing My First HBCU Homecoming Due to COVID-19


Ever since I started high school, I looked forward to the year 2020. It was the year where my life was going to change for the better. I would go on my senior trips, slay at prom, and have a proper graduation ceremony, and unfortunately, none of that happened. But I still had the image of me leaving for the illustrious Hampton University in the fall, and low and behold, as August approached, I realized my move to Hampton wasn’t going to happen either. This crushed my spirit, and I’m not going to lie. I shed a tear or two, and to this day, when I think about it makes me upset. But now being in October, something else is making me super sad and that is missing homecoming.

 Homecoming is not just a football game. It’s more than that; it is a time for everyone to come together and have a great time. Dancing, singing, partying all in one week. HBCU homecomings initially began in the 1920s for alumni to go back to their college and show the spirit during games and tailgates. This tradition grew tremendously throughout the years. There now are Kings and Queens, fashion shows, and talent competitions. However, this tradition isn’t just about having fun. It’s a historical event that is taken so seriously amongst the HBCU culture. Not only is it a time to come together, but it is a time to celebrate the people who came before you.

  HBCU homecomings have also recently got national attention due to the queen herself Ms.Beyonce. On April 14th, 2018, Beyoncé performed her headlining performance titled “Homecoming,” which included traditional majorette dance, stepping, and band music. According to Rolling stone, “Attending an HBCU was apparitional for Beyoncé, even though she prioritizes her pop stardom instead” Now if Beyonce inspired a whole performance after HBCU homecoming then you already know it’s something serious.

  Now it really is unfortunate I can’t experience my first HBCU homecoming but when I finally touch down at Hampton, I know my first official homecoming will be the time of my life. And for anyone else in my class or any class above me, keep your head up. Times like this are so trying, and of course, all we want is to party and have fun, but our time will come.

Korrin Swinton is a first year journalism major at the illustrious Hampton University. Korrin expresses herself through her writing and visual art. She aspires to be a professional journalists and creative director for a magazine. She also does special occasions and special effects makeup on her free-time. To see all her work follow her via Instagram: @LookByRin.
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