Meet 2016 Yearbook EIC: Sydney Merrell

Name: Sydney Merrell

Major: Strategic Communications

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

HC: What exactly do you do as the Editor In Cheif of the yearbook?

SM: Basically, I go over the layouts people do. I find pictures and make sure everything looks okay. 

HC: What's your favorite part about leading the yearbook staff?

SM: Its small team. And its pretty fun. I like seeing all the pictures and critiquing them. Being the editor in chief does count as an internship credit. I get to meet with Herf Jones weekly. So its really cool. 

HC: What do you want to do post-graduation?SM:  I actually want to be an in-house attorney. Its kind of something that I want to do on the side for fun. I want to work for an advertising agency. I don't want to be in the courtroom. I'm not really like a out front kind of person. 

HC: How did you decide on being a Strategic Communications major. 

SM: That's a funny story actually. I was kind of unsure about what I wanted to do. I had a friend who is also from Colorado tell me that you don't have to do political science to be a lawyer. She told me that lots of strategic communications majors end up being lawyers. So that's how I ended up choosing my major. 

HC: What do you think is going to be your favorite part of the yearbook when its finished?M

SM: Selling them! I'm really excited to see what the seniors think of them. We have a lot more color this year and a lot more pictures. So I'm super excited to see their reactions. 

HC: How did you get this awesome position?

SM:  I saw a post on Instagram. I talked to someone in University Relations. I was really interested in interviewing for helping out with layout and designs but she asked me if I was interested in editor in chief position and I was like "sure"!

HC: What's your overall goal for the yearbook?

SM: My goal is for it to come out on time! In the past they've come out really late and they didn't sale as many copies. So I'm really trying for us to stay on track.