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Making Your Mark on Campus Through a Computer Screen

Welcome back, college students! School is back in session and we are ready to take on the semester… even if it is not exactly what we had in mind. Unfortunately, 2020 has been dragging us through the mud and we as a country have been experiencing tragedy after tragedy. Do not let that stop you! Take advantage of this little break we have from life to focus on yourself, your mental health, and achieving your goals.

BUT… Just because we are home and we are in a remote learning setting, that does not mean you cannot make your mark on campus. If anything, being home should have your mind brimming with creative ideas about what to do and how to achieve your dreams on campus. This is our time to experience college and we are going to make it count.


Listen, I cannot imagine how you guys must feel. You lost some of the greatest moments of your high school career, but please do not give up hope. You guys were still able to graduate high school with high GPAs and still able to get into your dream schools. This is your time! I encourage you to go to the virtual parties. I know they seem lame but go mingle with your peers. Join as many clubs as you want without overwhelming yourself. Get your name out there because this is the best time to do it. Go to the Zoom sessions hosted by those intimidating upperclassmen because those connections will come through later in the year. Email your professors even if you feel like you cannot connect with them virtually. They are feeling the same disconnect and want to get to know you, too. Do not be afraid to try new things! If you have an idea for a new organization on campus, start it! Freshmen, you can still make your mark, I believe in you.


I know you guys are stressed out. Just when you thought you were finally getting your foot through the door on campus, everything got snatched away from you. Do not lose hope sophomores, this is still your opportunity to do all the things you wanted to do your freshman year. Become President or Vice President of those organizations because… why not? You need to be taking advantage of this little pause we have from on campus life. Want to write? Reach out to the School Newspaper. Interested in acting? Theatres are still doing virtual productions. Reach out through the computer screen. Let it be a tool, not an obstacle. You guys got this!


I understand the sadness you must be feeling but whether we are on campus or at home, we must prepare to take the torch from the seniors. If you haven’t already, you will most likely start stepping into the prominent leadership roles on campus this year, leaving your own legacy. Who says we can’t still accomplish all these things behind a screen? Yes, our internships got cancelled, but we still have next summer, and applications are dropping soon! And who says we cannot do remote internships? Juniors, let us keep our heads up! We can still make our marks by mingling with the seniors, taking on some leadership positions, and coming up with creative ideas so that when we go back to campus, we will be ready!


You guys got this. You have been laying the foundation for 4 years and this is truly your time to shine. Do not let this pandemic stop you all from shining. Apply to those jobs, apply to those grad schools, go to those virtual zoom information sessions even if you feel your motivation dwindling. Also, stay in touch with your classmates. You climbed this mountain of college life together, relying on one another. Now is not the time to let that go. I’m so proud of you, seniors. You will prosper and continue doing great things whether you accomplish them from the comfort of your homes or from your dorm rooms.

 I believe in you all. Let us make our mark even if it is through a computer screen. We can do this! 

Kennedy Buck

Hampton U '22

Hello My name is Kennedy Buck and I am a Senior Journalism major and political science minor at the Illustrious Hampton University. I am so happy to be apart of Her Campus and so excited to see everything it has to offer. I love to read, write, and any form of public speaking.
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