Makeup Tips That No One Tells You

I started doing makeup when I was 15 years old and since then I have come a long way. I experimented a lot and I think that experimenting is the most important thing in your makeup journey, and I think that when you are experimenting you will find the best way to do the makeup that is suitable for you and your face. Remember, you should be wearing makeup; makeup shouldn’t be wearing you. Because of that, I am going to share with you how I do my makeup and some tips and tricks that helped establish a makeup routine. 


  1. 1. Learn your face

    Ladies you have to know your face; you have to know every feature, line, and bump and in order to do that you have to experiment. I learned how to observe and follow my facial structures and that led me to finding the best makeup routine. 

  2. 2. Borrow mom's makeup

    The person that was the biggest inspiration to me when it comes to makeup was my mom. You and your mom have the same features and in most of the times, the same skin undertones. You can easily find the perfect product in your mom’s makeup bag. My mom inspired me to do colorful eyeliner in summer and I think that is so awesome. I get so many compliments; it is so effortless and it looks so classy. 

  3. 3. Skin is so important

    Your makeup has to have a good base and that is healthy skin. Drink lots of water, use water-based products, use tea tree and aloe rich products, and products with no fragrance. And don’t stress about the blackheads! Blackheads are there and they will be there girl, sorry, there is nothing you can do. If you use those charcoal strips, they will only rip the layer of the skin and make it look even worse. So, don’t stress about it. Cleanse and moisturize, girl, and you are good. 

  4. 4. Go natural

    When I say go natural, I don’t mean just put concealer and mascara and that’s all; if you are like that, you go girl good for you. When I say natural, I mean using natural, earthy, neutral colors in your makeup routine. I still beat my face, trying to accomplish that flawless skin with foundation, concealer, and powder, but when it comes to eyes and lips, I try to keep it lowkey. I discovered it is most pleasing for an eye to look at with the natural brownish makeup. It blends well with our skin and undertones. I have nothing against colors, but personally I think that natural makeup is the GO TO nowadays, (and boys like it natural I can guarantee you 100%).

  5. 5. Take criticism

    I once read a quote that said “The beauty lies in the eye of an observer, and since then I feel like it really determined the way I am doing my makeup. I started to accept criticism and compliments because they are coming from the same place and I started to recognize the reactions of the people around me. I am not saying you should do what people are telling you to do or take everything seriously, but try to adapt to compliments and criticism when it comes to your appearance. Your loved ones are the best commentators because they know you the best. 

  6. 6. Follow some professional makeup accounts

    Hung Vanngo, Mario Dedivanovic, Sir John, Patrick Ta are just some of the names that I follow and that are my inspiration. They are true, educated makeup artists that know how to do makeup that will accentuate your features the best and not create another person. Clean, natural, earthy, and fresh looks are their go to.