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Loving Myself and My Life This Valentine’s Day


“There are far, far better things ahead than anything we leave behind.” C.S. Lewis said it best: when leaving things behind, we should embrace a new phase in our lives. Valentine’s Day should not be any different. It can be easy to get swept up in the long declarations of love and long posts, but it can also be a time of self-growth and a time of reflection on what is to come in the next life. 

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is hard for singles but it is only hard if we allow it to be and we go into the holiday with a negative mindset. After recently going through a breakup, I have been sad and almost dreading this love infested holiday, but I decided to stop being sad and instead, just change my mindset. I told myself to focus on other areas where I am loved like friends and family. I am surrounded by love so why should I let one area of my life consume the other areas that are filled with happiness?

This Valentine’s Day I decided to celebrate it, but not with a significant other. I am going to spend it being loved by my friends and loving what life has still managed to give me despite these difficult times.

If you are going into this holiday single, get rid of the negativity. Focus on other areas of love such as family, friends, or that movie/tv show that always puts a smile on your face. Be thankful for everything life has thrown your way and be ready to embrace the many blessings that are coming in this new stage of growth. If you need to delete social media for a day to avoid the long paragraphs of love on the timeline, then that is okay! Simply put your phone away, go on a walk with a family member, and just talk. Do something to get you out of a negative headspace.

Remember, people do not have power over us; we allow them to have power over us. This Valentine’s Day let’s choose not to give power to the people who we miss or who we are longer in a relationship with. This year we’re taking back our power, claiming this holiday, and making it our own.

Kennedy Buck

Hampton U '22

Hello My name is Kennedy Buck and I am a Senior Journalism major and political science minor at the Illustrious Hampton University. I am so happy to be apart of Her Campus and so excited to see everything it has to offer. I love to read, write, and any form of public speaking.
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