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Calling all 90s and 2000s young women who still have that inner little girl in them. The one that played with dolls and watched old Disney Channel. Remember Tyra Banks playing a doll named Eve,who turned into a living woman from a magic book and a little girl’s wish? Well, that movie is called Life Size. It’s about a young girl, Casey, dealing with the death of her mother and living with her father. She’s given a doll named Eve, Casey unbothered with the doll is using a spell book to bring back her mother, but accidently brings Eve, the doll, to life as a ‘life-size’ human acting like a doll. This movie had every little girl wanting their Barbie dolls to come to life and be their personal friend. Not only was this movie fun to watch with the barbie dolls and fashion, but there was an underlying message for all young women. The movie encouraged young girls and women to embrace themselves, self-love, and to “be a star” which is also a catchy song sang in the movie to emphasize the message throughout the movie.

Another underlying message that is plainly seen throughout the movie, is the visual of a Black doll in a white family setting. With how negative race relations are today, seeing ethnicities from the Black and Hispanic culture in positions that stereotypically is not believed fit to these high roles, like a Barbie doll or a CEO, is a positive to beating the odds.

After seventeen years since its release date, it has been announced that a sequel for Life Size will premiere during Freeform’s holiday season on December 2. However, in this movie the new round character is not Lindsay Lohan, but Francia Raisa from Grown-ish. Lindsay Lohan will not star in the sequel due to production conflicts for her upcoming show on MTV. Even though Lohan’s character, Casey Stuart, will not be on camera, Tyra Banks emphasized that Casey’s story will feature in the movie. Banks inferred that there will be other familiar additions to the sequel in reference to the first movie, especially the catchy song “Be A Star”. Most people can agree that the sequel to really good original movies are not always good. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope this sequel will be as amazing as the original movie.

Shekinah Banks

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My name is Shekinah Banks and I attend Hampton University. I am a second-year English major with a concentration in Creative Writing from Prince Georges' County Maryland. Becoming a criminal prosecutor is my dream alongside possibly starting my own YouTube channel.
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