Khadijah We Still “Need Ya”

Twenty-six years later, and no other show has come close to recreating the 90s sitcom Living Single. Starring Khadijah James, played by Queen Latifah, the show revolves around four black women and their everyday struggles when dealing with womanhood, work, and relationships. Aside from bringing its audience laughter and a sense of reliability, this show created a character that continues to be a source of inspiration for women today.


The star of the show, Khadijah James, created and ran her own urban independent monthly magazine, Flavor Magazine. Although Khadijah did have her own business the show continued to depict the large range of obstacles that accompany running a business. Despite the many hardships Ms. James continued to face, she always remained dedicated and found a way to keep her magazine running.

Aside from being a boss lady, Khadijah was always authentically herself throughout every episode. She was a plus size woman who refused to conform to the standards of society and she continued to be applauded for doing so. Her originality and fearlessness to be herself attracted a range of men throughout the show which served as a reminder that as a woman you can deviate from society's beauty standards and still be able to attract men.

Khadijah’s realness and ability to love and accept herself in a society that often tells us to do otherwise continues to inspire women to do the same. A black plus size woman who has a few tomboy aspects but is still appreciated by a large range of attractive men serves as a reminder that when you love yourself unconditionally, you attract the same kind of energy from others. From her catchphrase  “Khadijah don’t need ya” to her ability to be vulnerable and sensitive, Khadijah continued to depict the complexity of being a black woman in America. This character reminds the audience that the best thing you can do in this world is be yourself and the right people will celebrate and appreciate you for doing so. If you are unfamiliar with the show and the greatness of Khadijah James or you simply just need to rewatch a few episodes, all five seasons are available on Hulu.