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I’m sure you are used to seeing beloved actress and singer Keke Palmer on your tv screen playing a comedic role or singing beautifully but she’s definitely not stopping there. 


Keke announced earlier in August that she would be hosting the VMAs (Video Music Awards) which is a HUGE deal. Obviously, that’s true for her portfolio and experience but also historically. Did you know that Keke would serve as the FIRST African American host for the annual award show? While the show did previously have an African American involved in production, they were a co-host with someone else. This “someone else” happened to be MTV-VJ Downtown Julie Brown in 1986-87. 


Since the premiere of the award show on August 30th, the reviews have been nothing but rave! Her vibrancy on stage radiated through her bubbly personality and stylish clothing some of which she made a point to show on her social media to encourage viewers to tune in. During the show, she also made sure to pay tribute to the late actor Chadwick Boseman after his untimely death a few days prior. Along with this, the Black Lives Matter movement was addressed and our current racial climate.


It was very special that Keke decided to do this because many people try to shy away from these racial topics when in the public eye of a mixed-race crowd. But she didn’t. She has always spoken her mind, even when she is ridiculed and that will always be commendable. 


No, this isn’t the first time Keke has hosted a show. She gained prior experience on her own talk show Just Keke On BET in 2014 and on Good Morning America spinoff Strahan and Sara (later Strahan and Sara and Keke) in late 2019. However, seeing Keke on this bigger platform made me even prouder to be her follower. I’ve been a die-hard fan for years and I am so excited to see what she has next on her agenda. 


For now, make sure you check out her latest musical project-- Virgo Tendencies Part I available on Apple Music and Spotify. 

Sherdell Baker

Hampton U '23

Sherdell Baker is a junior journalism major from the Midwest. Along with her being a writer for her chapter, she also writes for her own lifestyle & advice blog and other online platforms. Sherdell works to one day be the Editor-in-Chief of a major magazine publication or create her own magazine company and continue to share important stories after she graduates from Hampton University.
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