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Keep Pushing Through With #HCSurvivalKit

As always, one of the best times of the year for Her Campus chapters is when survival kits arrive! Kits full of items that are essential and helpful during a tough semester keeps hope alive! For all my graduating seniors who are currently enjoying Spring Break, have Senior Ball in the back of your minds, Spring Fest to prepare for and the thought of graduation scaring you, the #HCSurvivalKit has solutions!

Relax and look for alternatives! Grooming is key with everything like spring break trips and senior ball coming up, but the Completely Bare wax kit will keep you from spending money and allow you to tame your own eyebrows. Just make sure you have lots of practice first! Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak conditioner will also help those intalls last longer than usual. Clean hair is essential, ladies!

Keep in mind you’re not done yet! With all the exciting events happening all at once, keep in mind you still have to graduate and finals are still happening! With our LUNA Bars, you’ll be able to remain energized and focused while studying for those annoying tests and exams even when you have a severe case of senioritis.

Keep the mind intrigued. When you’re tired of studying, partying want to take a break pick u and read Dirty Rush and The Intern’s Handbook. These books offer another perspective of Greek Life that we don’t normally see on an HBCU campus and exciting adventures of working in New York.

Remember, stay strapped! Being on the move can be fun but also dangerous. SABRE pepper gel allows you to stay protected in times you may feel in danger. Use this wisely!

Reward yourself. Life is hectic, you’re broke. Breathe! Take a trip to Chipotle and use a BOGO Chipotle coupon. When is Chipotle ever NOT the answer?!

Remember to breathe, ladies! Being a senior is one thing but graduating is another. A lot of stress and anxiety will come but with the #HCSurvivalKit you can survive anything!

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