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It’s Time to Stop Celebrating Petty

Nothing makes my heart warmer than a good ol’ petty post. We’re currently living in a society where being petty is like a having a talent. Everyone enjoys being petty every now and then, but is it really necessary all the time? Nowadays it seems like being petty is something to brag about. People are constantly changing their twitter names to plays on iconic names such as “Petty Wap” and my personal favorite “Petty Crocker”

For the most part it’s girls who enjoy being petty. It almost comes naturally to us, as if it was instilled in our DNA since birth. Young girls are always taught that they have to be the “Queen B.” We’re taught to have the most friends, the prettiest hair, and the nicest clothes. When we were younger we would form cliques just to sit around, and tear down another little girl. It’s a battle between women that needs to stop, especially African American women. The whole world is already against us, so why do we feel the need to be so petty towards each other?

I know that it’s impossible not to partake in a little petty activity, but we’re in a time period where there are way more things to be worried about. Kids are being killed, people don’t have clean drinking water, and Donald Trump is running for president. With all the craziness that is going on is it really important to respond in a petty manner to someone’s twitter post? We should be using our 140 characters to spread more positivity, and less pettiness.

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