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Christmas is my favorite holiday! It is a happy time where I can spend time with my family and friends. And don’t forget the gifts! Ever since I was small, I have always had wonderful Christmas seasons. Throughout the years, my family was able to create beautiful traditions. One of my favorite traditions is Secret Santa. My family does this tradition each year, and the pool is bigger and full of friends and family. We use this app called Elfster, where we can account for each person, and the app tells us which person we received for the year. Each year I love the gifts I receive. Why? Because I picked them on the app and the person that has me knows exactly what to buy me. Not only do I receive gifts, but I love to see people light up when I give them the gift that they wanted. It is truly a magical time that makes me fall in love with Christmas each year.

Another tradition I love is cooking. My mom makes food like it’s Thanksgiving, but we also make desserts. We make cookies. When I was younger, I made cookies to give to Santa. When I turned eight years old, I realized Santa was not real, and it was my father that kept eating the cookies with milk. This was not the best news for me, but we kept the tradition going as my baking skills improved in making the cookies.

Along with gift-giving and cooking with family, a tradition I love is decorating the tree. You know those families that put up and decorate their trees after Thanksgiving? Well, that’s my family! Every year, we get a big artificial tree and decorate it with lights and Christmas balls that make the tree look amazing for Christmas day. My mother and I usually do this tradition together, and we talk to each other during the time as it’s an absolute joy talking to my mother.

One last tradition that has recently stopped due to global warming is the snow! As I am from Brooklyn, New York, we tend to get snow during this time. Although I was not allowed to play in the snow because I would get deeply sick, I still loved to see the snowfall on Christmas day. It was truly a sight to see the snowflakes fall onto the ground and create a large white sheet on the ground. I am in love with this season because of the music, outside decorations, and it is a very jolly time for all!

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Alexis Golston

Hampton U '22

Hey y’all!! My name is Alexis Golston and I am a business management major with a concentration in cinematic studies from Brooklyn,New York.
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