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It’s Not You, it’s the Media

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Being a part of Gen Z, it is obvious that social media is the source of all information; whether it’s good, bad, or gossip. These enormous platforms have taken the world by storm; transforming into minions that feel the need to follow and absorb everything we see and hear dependent upon what is trending. Social media affects people’s lifestyles in aspects like body, image, and lifestyle. However, I am not saying social media is all bad; it has its pros. Nevertheless, it can definitely be toxic and display unrealistic images and lifestyles.

Body image

This is an undeniably big issue with social media. We have the Kylies, Kims, and other Instagram models constantly popping up on timelines with these beautiful bodies that everyone dreams and wishes for. Realistically, we have to remember that these images have been modified.

Normal bodies are not perfect. Having imperfections is common. Embrace all the cellulite, stretch marks, and stomach you may be insecure about because I promise nobody notices or sees it how you do. More often than not, the things you think people will talk or hate about you are just you overthinking. Being perfect is overrated

Social media has built a society in which women’s bodies are faulty or not worthy for having imperfections. But what we are failing to realize is that social media influencers only present what they want to be seen, rather than things as they exist.


We all move at our own pace. Everyone’s life is happening at a different speed, so don’t rush yours. Social media influencers are getting younger and younger. There are 16-year-olds buying their own cars and houses. Meanwhile, at 18-years-old, I’m broke and in college.

Needless to say, everyone’s life is going down a different path. It can be hard not to compare yourself to someone who lives their life through social media and constantly posts their accomplishments. Remember that how someone lives their life does not correlate to how you live yours. Your decisions are your own and will affect how your life proceeds.

You were made uniquely as you are, and to live the life made for you. Don’t let others change that. Be happy and be you.

Haila Reed

Hampton U '24

hello, my name is Haila Renae Reed and I am second-year communicative sciences and disorders major from Phoenix, Arizona and I attend Hampton University. I am an athlete, but my all-time favorite hobby is fashion styling and shopping ;)
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