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Is It Really That Serious?

Do you feel like your boo is always “tripping?” Do you feel like the littlest things are always bothering you? No, you are not tripping and no it is not little and boo knows that too.

Females are ready to express their feelings and bring up problems whenever wherever; while on the other hand males like to sit back observe and not trip. But trust and believe feelings are mutual. The same thing that bothers her most likely bothers him too, with maybe a few exceptions.

As young adults, our relationships are full of many insecurities, whether they are big or small, understandable or not. Insecurities can really make or break or a relationship. So is it really that serious?

Is liking the opposite sex pictures on Instagram or Twitter really that serious?


Liking a picture here or there when you see it pop up on your timeline is acceptable and not worth arguing over (of course not an ex though). But when your shawty or your “boodaddy” wants to go to his or her page and go on a liking spree… we have a PROBLEM. That is blatant disrespect and a form of flirting. If you are in a relationship why do you need to be flirting with the next man or woman anyway? Therefore just keep your likes limited.


Is being friends with your ex a big deal in a relationship?



Some of you probably answered that question and automatically said, “YES DUH it is a big deal,” but is it really? Having a full-blown relationship with your ex is a bit much; he/she is an ex for a reason. Especially if you have someone else in your life you do not want to give them any reason to think you still have feelings for your ex. Seeing your ex in passing and giving a head nod or a little wave, or even saying wassup is acceptable. Going out your way and making conversation just because can eventually cause problems in the relationship you supposedly want to be in at the time. Keep exes as just associates.


Yes to parties? Or no to parties?



We are in college it is beyond unrealistic to think your girlfriend/boyfriend is not going to go out here or there. It is how he/she acts at a party or how often he/she parties that makes this topic extremely sensitive and serious. Getting danced on or giving dances is a no-no for a taken woman or man. Twerking is basically dry humping; your man or woman does not need to be giving a free feel of “your” goodies to others. College is for fun and being in a relationship should not stop you from having that fun; so if getting dances or twerking is the only way you can have fun at a party do your thing, just do not get in a committed relationship.

Can your boyfriend or girlfriend have friends of the opposite sex?

Yes, everyone has friends and most of the time they were probably in the picture before you. So do not trip unless you see signs of the relationship being more than just friends. Coming out of the blue with a male best friend or female best friend and you never told your girlfriend or boyfriend about he or she that can cause either your “friendship” to fail or your relationship. Let it be known who your friends are from the jump. Also do NOT leave room for any suspicion.


Last but certainly not least…

Do you need to be posted on all social media accounts or in the bio?



At one point we all remember how putting your boyfriend/girlfriend in your bio and posting him/her every other hour was the thing, and if you were not doing that then drama will start between you two or you guys were not together in the eyes of others. But now being posted every once in awhile is okay no big deal, and bios are definitely out the picture. If you and your significant other are together and on the same page you do not need to broadcast that everywhere, because that girl/boy that wants your man or woman will already know what’s up. Publicizing your relationship leaves room for others to make even more assumptions and judgments that are already placed on relationships.

While all of these issues pop up in all relationships from time to time do not let them make or break your relationship. Communication is key; let your partner know when something bothers you as soon as it occurs. Remember every disagreement or incident does not have to lead to an argument. Lay down the rules in the beginning of the relationship. Never let your significant other make you feel like something that bothers you is not that important. If he or she wants to continue to be with you they will understand.

The next time one of these insecurities or other ones occur in your relationship now or one in the future ask yourself, “is it really that serious?”

Mia is funny, creative, and caring. She is a Junior Marketing Major at Hampton University from Charlotte, North Carolina. One of her favorite things to do is eat, eat, eat. Little girl big girl appetite. She also enjoys watching all the ratchet and drama filled "reality" shows. Mia enjoys being surrounded by friends and family. She is a great listener and advice giver. She lives by the motto what is for you will be for you, and that God always has a plan for you no matter how down and out you may be, so trust in him and the purpose he has laid out for you. "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
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