Is It Enough?

As digital technology has advanced, long-distance relationships are assumed to be easier. No more writing letters and no more calling each other on pay phones. However, are the new advancements enough to remove all of the expected issues of a long distance relationship? Is FaceTiming, texting, and posting each other on social media for “Man Crush Monday” or “Woman Crush Wednesday” enough? I believe every relationship is different, meaning some will have issues that some won’t. Issues such as cheating, feeling stuck in a boring rut, jealousy, miscommunication, neglecting the partner because of your busy schedule, and just growing apart from each other. Can holding a  mostly digital relationship be enough to keep the spark and compassion in a relationship? There’s Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break. Is seeing your significant other 3 times out of the academic school year enough to sustain you from undergoing the temptation of  having a “school bae” along with your “home bae?"

Some may say that it isn’t enough. They need constant attention from their partner which is unrealistic since we are in school. Schedules may not be compatible,  making it difficult to schedule phone calls or Facetimes. Being in a long distance relationship is a choice. It’s your choice. And if it gets to be too time-consuming, distracting, frustrating, and making you unhappy; use your choice and let it go. College is the time for growing into yourself, not to be held back. If it’s time to let go...definitely let it go. My mom told me, “If you let them go and they never come back, they were never yours. But if you let them go and they come back they’ll be yours forever.” Don’t be scared of the future. If your LDR is too much to handle because it just isn’t enough for you, consider whether it’s worth pursuing and make your decision.


In my opinion, the ways of digital communication isn’t enough for a relationship, but if you and your significant other have to be apart there are ways to have a happy long distance relationship. To be successful in your LDR, you need to have great communication skills and a huge load of trust. There is more to it than just texting. You need love, determination, trust, and goals. You and your partner have to be on the same page. These tools won’t give you a perfect long distance relationship, but I promise you they will make it a lot easier. Long distance relationships are not for everyone. Take the time to analyze if your LDR is worth it.