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Just two years in, HooRae is continuing to make progressive moves for the African American community. HooRae is the media company Issa Rae launched in 2020 as an umbrella banner to consolidate her productions and companies. Recently the media company announced they will be partnering with Walmart for the Inaugural Black & Unlimited Digital Development program. 

The nine selected creators include: Alex Hill( @justaddhotsauce_), Amanda S. Wicks(@stacysinterlude), Archie Jay (@archiejayspeaks), Brelynn Hunt(@brelynn.hunt), Cam Sullivan-Brown(@_itsjust_camm), Destiny Aaiyana(@destinyaaiyana), Mariah Jae (@itsmariahjae), Chef Shaiheem(@thechefshaiheem) and Tyris Winter(@winterissues). The diverse group of creators each brings something different to the program. The first inaugurated class features various areas of digital content including food, athletics, fashion, business, and more. 

Throughout the duration of the program, each selected creator will travel to Los Angeles to be connected to an industry professional to gain guidance in their respective field. The creators will also be allowed to take courses,  receive a creators kit, and a stipend of $10,000.The creators will be granted access to Rae’s Music label ““Raedio” where they will be allowed to record audio and soundtracks for content. “Raedio” was created in 2019 and serves as a music label, publishing, music supervision, music library, podcasts, digital content, and events divisions. Each creator has also been extended the opportunity to be featured on Walmart’s YouTube channel which has over 542k subscribers to help expand their platforms. 

Many African American creators face hardships in receiving the recognition and resources they deserve. However, bringing attention to this matter and providing solutions for the community helps evolve this issue. The beloved Issa Rae has always made it her mission to put her community on. The actress and creator of the hit shows “insecure” and “Rap Sh!t” once was an emerging creative herself trying to make it in the entertainment industry, which is why she’s so passionate about seeing other creatives succeed. Issa Rae came from humble beginnings and understands the struggle of pursuing a career as a creative. She started her web series “Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl” and it eventually caught the eye of producers. However, her success did not happen overnight, which is why the Black and Unlimited program is a great start to evolving the ongoing issues in content creation and entertainment by providing resources and a platform to individuals of color. Issa Rae has made it clear she is here for the people.

Ahmere Harper

Hampton U '26

Ahmere Harper is a first-year Journalism major from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a lover of all things fashion and beauty. Her goal is to pursue a career in Fashion & Entertainment Journalism. Ahmere hopes to one day to work for a renowned magazine company and create her own media company.