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The Inside Scoop on Jada and August’s Entanglement

So, I know I cannot be the only person wondering..what the heck is going on between Jada and August? And what is an entanglement?  I am here to give you the inside scoop on what is going on between the two and more juicy secrets. 

The conversation of Jada and August came about during Jada’s series called Red Table Talk. During her discussion with herself, she finally admitted to her “entanglement” with R&B singer August Alsina. In the discussion, she confessed to Will everything that went on and said that she wanted to finally be honest with him. Jada explained her and August crossed paths when her son, Jaden Smith, befriended August. August would travel with them on trips and was always around the family. Jada confessed that she started to look at August in a different light when her and Will were going through marriage problems. When her and Will finally separated, she pursued August. That is when the entanglement began and they started to see each other. It was described as “a confusing relationship that started to get tangled” and that is why Jada referred to it as an “entanglement."

After Jada’s Red Table Talk, there were a lot of questions for August and Will. August did not make any statements until a week after the table talk. He stated, “I’m not OK with my character being in question.” He says that even though he doesn’t like drama, and drama makes him “nauseous,” in this instance, “there are so many people who are side-eyeing me … I’ve lost money, friendships, relationships behind it. And I think it’s because people don’t necessarily know the truth. But I’ve never done anything wrong. I love those people (the Smiths) … They are beautiful people.” August also stated that he was not trying to break up the marriage and he did not break it up. It was already broken because they both said “they were separating”. Will actually gave August his blessing to be with his wife and nobody was aware of that juicy secret. In an interview, August lastly stated, “leaving the relationship was the hardest thing I ever had to experience in my lifetime”. Many people did not and still do not understand that Jada and August had a genuine friendship before the entanglement. They grew close with one another, so when they had to break it off, it was hard for both of them. 

The news of this “entanglement” broke the internet when it first was brought to the limelight, and it is still talked about. From the outside looking in no one would have thought this would have happened with Jada and Will. Even though they are very open about their relationship and honest with the public, this news shocked the World. Especially because of the age difference and the weight each name holds. Jada stated in her interview with Will, “I started a friendship with August'' that became extremely close as the family tried to help him with his health. “From there, you and I were going through a very difficult time,” Pinkett Smith told her husband, who agreed, saying, “We decided to separate for a period of time, and you go figure out how to make yourself happy, and I’ll figure out how to make myself happy.” August is what made Jada happy at a certain time and even though the age gap is huge..you cannot blame her for wanting to be happy.




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