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The Importance of Wardrobe Planning: New year, New outfit!

Another full cycle of 365 days has brought us to this miraculous year that we are calling the “year of clear vision”. In other words, welcome to 2020! With all of the resolutions and goals that people are setting for themselves, the same old mantra continues to be used: “New year, new me.” It may be repetitive to use with the coming of another decade, yet it still holds some validity–especially when it comes to a new wardrobe.

Everyone has their own style, from following trends to setting their own. Styles get changed, lost, revamped every day. Nonetheless, no matter what you decide to wear, it is a statement of who you are and how you are feeling. My sisters and I live by the saying, “Look good, feel good.” Although this is normally our excuse as to why we are late for an occasion from trying on outfit after outfit, it is actually a psychological truth. When you wear an outfit that you are proud of, you hold your head high with so much confidence. Whether it is for a job interview, a photo shoot, or just to show off your brand new threads to the world, a well-put-together outfit boosts your confidence. Your demeanor changes, your body language evokes the persona of your attire, your performance proses better results. This being said, the way you dress up and accessorize takes time. Which brings me to my main point: Wardrobe Planning.

Wardrobe planning is literally what it is. Before an occasion, you prepare what you are going to put on. It is a strategy that many lack or do not think to acquire for their every day lives. There are various ways to wardrobe plan, but I have narrowed them down to three main ways: 


One: Dress for the weather

This should be something that you do every night. Remember when your mama would tell you to get your clothes out for the week? It is the same concept but refined. Check the weather outside, think about what activities you will be apart of, and always bring a jacket just in case! Remember that the weather fluctuates throughout the day and as a result of this, the inside conditions of buildings will try to accommodate. Think about how your body temperature changes, and consider wearing layers in the wintertime so that you can continually remove pieces as the day goes on. Think about the fabric of each item from head to toe, consider how different colors absorb the light and be cognizant of the hats or scarves that you add. See how all of these things stack up? When you’re up early before work or a class, the time will tick away if you are trying to figure things out on the fly-which can lead you to be late. Setting up the night before will prepare you for the next day in a positive way. 


Two: Dress for financial success

Aside from dressing for the job you want, I mean something other than dressing professionally. We are all young adults trying to ‘chase the bag’. In order to do so, shopping has to take a strategy as well. In this new era of acceptance, where style can be curated out of anything almost, thrifting has become a new trend that can be very beneficial to saving a couple of coins. Thrifting is just like shopping at Forever21, all the good pieces are mixed in and it becomes a scavenger hunt. It takes patience and a good eye to see an item and notice its true potential. 

Wardrobe planning also takes into account all of the items that you possess. Instead of waiting for spring cleaning, where you go through all of the outdated, ruined, ill-fitting clothes that you need to throw out, wardrobe planning requires you to periodically assess your closet so that you can see what colors, clothes, textures, patterns, shapes, sizes, or new items you need to buy. This allows you to keep from purchasing similar items or duplicates as well. All better for saving your money!

Three: Dress to impress

Your fits should also have a pop! Something fun, funky, fresh, and out-of-the-box every now and then. This can be an entirely costume-like set or just a statement piece that stands out. Adding a little bit of flavor and pizazz to your outfit will not only get looks from others but also give you a boost for yourself. Your outfit should fit you well, this could be oversized or body-conforming but should accent you in the best way possible. When wardrobe planning, you keep in mind that certain venues require certain things to be worn. Make sure to do your research on what to wear to a ceremony, gala, job, concert, etc. For yourself, and for others. When you are out, you represent yourself, your parents, your family, your gender, your city, and your culture. Impress everyone with your outfits that you carefully planned in advance. 


This is the year that everything you’ve been manifesting will finally come into fruition. When reaching a goal, it takes work to build up to its success. This new decade, switch things up a bit and make what you wear a priority alongside all of the goals that you want to accomplish. Wardrobe planning will alleviate some of the stresses that weigh you down. Start off 2020 refreshed, prepared, punctual, and confident–with style!


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