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The Importance of Building a Good Relationship With Professors

For many students, you may only interact with professors for as long as one semester. As the weeks go by, you become nothing more than just a name on an attendance sheet because to you, you think that there is no importance in connecting with the ones who have the power to fail you or pass you. However, I am here to tell you that you are wrong. Here are two reasons why you should build a better relationship with your professors.

  1. Networking!

Most times, your professors are very experienced. Many professors have a very successful professional life outside of their teaching career. Whether they have made a name for themselves in their respective field before they started teaching or after, they most likely have connections and key resources that can open a wide variety of opportunities for you. 

  1. Better Grades

Get off of Tik Tok, and get your butt to your teacher’s office hours. 99.8% of the time, going to your professor’s office hours can unlock a whole new understanding of the concept . By taking advantage of those hours before and after class, it allows for one-on-one attention between you and your professor. This is the perfect time to ask questions that you may have not had time or wanted to ask during class time. Office hours are especially good when you have a large lecture type class where there is not a lot of room or time for individual help. Once you develop a better understanding of the subject by taking advantage of these office hours, I can assure you that you will see a drastic increase in your grades. This personal time with your professors can also help your teacher better understand you as a student and a person which can lead to them offering up more extra credit or opportunities outside of class to enhance your grade. 


So no more excuses, no more time wasted. Teachers are people too and as long as you strive to develop genuine relationships with them, it can be beneficial to you and your GPA!


Kayla Smith

Hampton U '23

Kayla Smith is a sophomore journalism major from Columbia, MD. She enjoys writing, listening to music and traveling. She is very excited to be attending Hampton University and to expand her skills at her illustrious HBCU.
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