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Black women have been and continue to be the inspiration and muse for many things. When I think of beauty, intelligence, excellence, bosses, I think of black women. During quarantine, I’ve been on my phone like crazy, on all social media platforms, but Twitter has been my favorite. I’ve truly seen black women in luxury there. The outfits, the hairstyles and the class are all something that black women have truly embodied during this time. I want to highlight the importance of black women in luxury and why it’s important to me.

The many stereotypes of black women and how we should dress, how to wear our hair, how we talk etc. have become extremely tiring. If black women dress classy, there’s someone to point out that there’s still a hint of “ghetto” or “tackiness” in whatever they do. Black women in luxury represent a certain kind of power that lets black women know they have the ability to execute the looks they want. Another very important reason why luxury for black women is so important is because of the influence they make on the youth. Little black girls have been introduced to this luxurious lifestyle and it’s so great to see!

Having a luxurious lifestyle from a young age builds confidence in young black girls. It shows that they are truly beautiful and they can accomplish anything. One of my close friends and I had a conversation about black women in luxury and she expressed that it made her more comfortable in her skin. Jackie Aina, a true example of black beauty and luxury, is her inspiration. Black women are dominating social media platforms, using their platform to support and show love to all black women. We are some of society’s trendsetters and we deserve it all.

Willow Jones

Hampton U '21

Willow is a Criminal Justice major from Harlem, New York. Willow has hopes of becoming a criminal defense attorney. In her spare time, she loves writing and hopes to merge law and writing together in the future.
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