The Importance of Black Women in Different Career Fields

Numerous career fields lack diversity, especially the representation of black women in different roles. We all would like to see more black women in various fields, but we don’t recognize how important it really is. When it comes to being serviced and spending our coins, it is highly necessary that we are being serviced by people who understand our needs from health to clothing. Below are some different career fields that need more black women.


Medical Field (doctors, nurses,etc.)

Often times when we are at the doctors for an appointment or at the hospital, you may hear one of the following: “it is normal for African Americans”, “you are overweight”, “that is a bit abnormal but nothing to worry about.” This causes doctors to overlook symptoms or even leave patients without a diagnosis. Most of those words come from doctors or nurses who are not black. If we had more black women in the medical field, they would understand our symptoms and body better than anyone else. They also will take your complaints, symptoms, and sickness more serious.


Fashion (designers, models, etc.)

Fashion might seem like a stereotypical field, however, it really isn’t. We have seen in recent weeks that more and more clothing brands are showing their true colors and how they don't care for black people. Having high-end and other clothing brands from black women make it better in terms of trusting where your money is going.  Black women with their own clothing brands tend to make clothing that is suited to the various body types and curves of black women. In terms of models, black models would provide more diversity and inclusiveness so other black women see themselves being shown on various platforms like commercials, magazines, shopping websites, etc.


Theatre/ Acting

It would be amazing to see more black women as directors and filmmakers making huge debuts in theaters showcasing their amazing work. A great example of this is Shonda Rhimes with Shondaland and her show Greys Anatomy. The medical show is loved by people of all kinds with a diverse cast without stereotypical roles. We all know how Hollywood loves to cast the same three black women as if what they look like represents us all. Having talented and versatile black women that can play more than the stereotypical black woman would be amazing to see. Another great example of this is Zoe Saldana and her roles in Avatar, Avengers, and Drumline.


Although a lot of black women already seem to dominate this field, it is important they do. Makeup artists and hairdressers are highly needed in Hollywood. Most black actresses and people of color, resort to doing their own hair and makeup because the hairdressers they are provided aren’t specialized in African American hair. Black-owned makeup brands are needed too. More ranges of color in foundations, concealers, contours, etc. are needed for black women. An example of a black woman who has provided diversity with her makeup brand is none other than Rihanna.


We need more black women who are CEO’s in the business industry as well. Most CEO’s nowadays are white men.



We need more black women in the world of politics! We need people in politics to represent us and nobody can do that better than a black woman.


There are of course other fields that need more black women in them. The overall point is that we need black women taking over every industry. Whatever field you go into, strive to take it over. You can and you will.