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I Fell in Love with Justin Bieber All Over Again: “Popstar” Video Review

"Baby, baby oooh"

When the “Popstar” video got released, I told myself I cannot miss that. I am a big fan of Drake and Justin and I was very excited to see it. 

I can just say that every time I see Drake, he is just turning into more and more of a handsome man. The beginning of the video was just what I needed to see. DJ Khaled is begging Drake to shoot a video and he is leaving him multiple messages and texts. To get DJ Khaled off his back, Drake decides to make a music video to the song and then the coolest part begins. 

Justin Bieber is waking up in a messed-up room full of liquor and girls, ready to party. I absolutely love the decoration of the mansion: Justin's silk robes and expensive clothing. It fits perfectly into the whole Hollywood vibe. 

Everyone is freaking out about the infamous line in which he mentioned his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez , “Look, Ariana, Selena, my Visa / It can take as many charges as it needs to, my girl / That sh-t platinum just like all of my releases, my girl.”. But honestly, I am not concerned about that; I was looking at his outfits and his hair. He brought back the haircut that every boy had in school- sort of a bowl cut with curls forming up at the ends- and I can tell you that I am all for that. Fans loved the hair and he got so many positive and heart throbbing comments. The hairstylist behind this was Britt Sully and everyone can agree that she did a great job. 

Also, in the video we have an appearance of Justin’s managers Scooter Braun, a couple of social media stars such as King Bach and Zane Hijazi, and Justin's beautiful wife Hailey. The funniest moment for me was probably at the end when I saw that Justin's ringtone was his song “Baby”. 

After the video release the trio of Justin, Khaled and Drake showed love to each other on Instagram, by posting comments under the pictures. We cannot wait to see where these collaborations will take us in the future; we are hoping for great music and content as usual and holding onto one thing and that is- they never disappoint. 


Currently a junior at Hampton University majoring in Marketing. When I am not playing college volleyball, you can find me in bed watching newest makeup tutorials and eating Chipotle.
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