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I decided on Sunday that I am truly not my hair. Not only was I done with my previous hair color of red , and after the damage of straightening my hair (only twice but my hair is sensitive). As well as the constant reapplication of dye and bleach I could tell my hair was having enough so I did the thing all of us black women fear the most, cutting off my beautiful locks. I personally have been wanting to cut my hair for a while with the recurring tiktok that said ”the best thing I ever did was cut my hair” or the “you only live once and it will grow back”. After a while it got to me and after seeing my close friend Nora do it, I wanted to give it a try. Often in this early adulthood we want our look to reflect the person who we are becoming. Last april that meant dying it blonde, in January a fiery red, for april a twa. Now that I have cut my hair I honestly feel free. However I have been having trouble finding a style that works with my newly cut hair. 

Well fear not here are a few recommended hairstyles to help you if you ever decide to go on this journey too!

Out and about

A true classic to say the least, get your favorite curling cream or mousse and boom you’re ready to hit the pavements

Finger waves

Another classic that is relevant as when it became a popular style choice in the 1920’s, also with the summer coming it’s such a statement piece.

Braids/ Faux Locs

This option is great if you want a simple style that protects your hair, just be careful not to get them too tight!

Wig (A personal favorite right now) 

Depending on how you like your wig with a headband or HD lace this is a great option to try different colors or even switch looks.

Christina Buie

Hampton U '22

Hello Beautiful People! My name is Christina Buie I am a 3rd year Sociology major on the Pre-law track at Hampton University. I absolutely LOVE photography, especially nature pictures and candid polaroids.
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