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How Victoria Monét is Dominating This Years Grammy Nominations.

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Victoria Monét is one of the most nominated women at the Grammys this year and for those of us who have been fans for a while now, we can all agree this honor is long overdue. Victoria Monét has written songs for various artists including Fifth Harmony, Brandy, and most famously Ariana Grande who is one of her close friends and with whom she’s worked on a multitude of projects with. 

Aside from her very successful career as a songwriter, she has several of her own projects and has been putting out music for years. However, most recently she has gone viral on multiple platforms for her song “On My Mama” off of her most recent project, entitled Jaguar II. Due to the success of this most recent project, Victoria has received seven Grammy nominations this year and even snagged a nomination for her two year-old daughter, Hazel. Her nominations are as follows:

  • Record of the Year for “On Mama”
  • Best New Artist
  • Best R&B Song of the Year for “On My Mama”
  • Best R&B Performance for “How Does It Make You Feel”
  • Best Traditional R&B Performance for “Hollywood”
  • Best R&B Album for Jaguar II
  • Best Engineered Album for Jaguar II

Though this is not the first time Victoria Monét has been nominated for a grammy, this is her first time being nominated for her own project. Her being one of two not only women, but black women to be most nominated this year is a huge win for her and a huge win for black women in music. It is so great to see her finally getting her flowers as not just a songwriter but as an amazing R&B artist. 

Chelsea Couch

Hampton U '25

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