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When a new year first starts, everyone is enthusiastic to have a fresh start. Oftentimes, you may make a list of goals or name what you plan to do differently. As the year progresses, it is easy to get discouraged, distracted, or even forgetful about your goals. One little setback can make you want to give up or go back to your old ways. This is completely normal, but they’re ways you can stay on track and achieve even greater than what you  imagined for yourself.

I, too, am guilty of getting discouraged when everything doesn’t go as planned. I make mental deadlines for when I want something to happen. When it doesn’t, I automatically feel like a failure. However, I recently applied for an essay scholarship with the prompt, “Why is the number five important to you?” I stated that the number five shows that you are halfway to ten. If ten is the end goal, and you have it in you to get halfway there, then you can keep going to reach your goal. In 2022, give yourself credit for how much you have already achieved. Think about all of the goals you’ve accomplished to remind yourself that you are capable. 

Stop procrastinating! If I had to name an issue I had to work on the most, it would be my procrastination. I think I haven’t stopped procastinating because I always end up getting it done. However, when I do something earlier, I feel so much more confident about it. In 2022, try to do something as soon as you think about it. If it is an assignment for class, do it as soon as you get it! If you want to start a business, begin to work on it now. Time waits for absolutely no one. Imagine putting an application for your dream job off for tomorrow, and someone who applied for it today filled the slot!

Another way to stay on track in the new year is to limit your time on social media. We often spend a lot of time looking at what other people are doing and feeling discouraged if you have not accomplished the same thing. I am here to tell you that most people do not post their worst on social media; I am guilty of this! I saw a post that said, “social media has made perfect look achievable.” Social media has created a false idea that perfect is attainable and it is not. While keeping this in mind, aim for your idea of what happiness would look like. 

Lastly, write everything out, not electronically or mentally either. Use a paper and pen to physically write everything you want to achieve. Actually writing out your goals will help you to visually see them which will help you focus. It is easy to temporarily get excited when you think about a goal, but when it is right in front of you it can help filter out distractions. I actually found a goals list I made from 2021 earlier this week. I felt so satisfied crossing out goals that I had achieved. There were some things I could not cross out yet, which is okay! I have 2022 for that. Imagine the feeling you will gain by crossing out something you wanted to do!

You are capable of achieving whatever you dream of! Remain confident about your potential, stop procrastinating, do not compare your progress to anyone else’s, and write everything out. We are in the middle of a pandemic, extend yourself grace if it is taking you a little longer. Keep going!

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sydney mccall

Hampton U '24

I am a second year journalism major at Hampton! I also currently write for the Hampton Script. I have loved writing for as long as I can remember and I can’t wait to write with a group of women.
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