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How to Successfully Balance School and a Job

Since we are remote for the semester, many have taken this as an opportunity to make a little extra money on the side. This is where the importance of time management comes into action because we do not want to fall short at our jobs and especially in our schoolwork. We have been in school for a total of five weeks, and in this time I have picked up on a few skills to make sure you are not completely drained by the end of the week.

Make a planner your best friend

Even though you should already have a planner to organize your school day to day assignments, it is a requirement to have one to balance your schoolwork with your work. For example, if you have to work until 11pm and you have an assignment due @11:59pm, you should schedule to complete that assignment the day before, therefore you can avoid any unforeseen obstacles that could prevent you from turning in your assignment. A planner can also help you fill in time gaps in your schedule to make sure you are optimizing your time; it can help you find extra time to hang out with friends and sleep.  It can provide your life with a little more structure therefore you are not overworking yourself.

Become acquainted with your supervisor/manager

Even though you have taken on the extra responsibilities of having a job, you must remember that school needs to remain your first priority. Being acquainted with your supervisor or manager enables you to have a little leeway with your schedule. Supervisors and managers will understand that you are a fulltime student and your coursework should come first, therefore, when you ask for midterms/finals week off to make sure you receive the best grades possible they will understand. Your supervisor or manager were students before as well and they understand that this job is not your first priority.

Take advantage of your days off

Take your days off seriously. Use your days off to get ahead in classwork and even take a complete breather from everything going on in your life. It might take a while to get adjusted to your new schedule therefore take full advantage of the little break that you have. I would recommend during your days off whether it is from work or school to take yourself on a self- care day. This day could include anything that you want to do. Personally, I use my days off to catch up on sleep, get my nails done, or try a new restaurant.

Don't overwork yourself

Yes, having a little financial freedom can allow you to spoil yourself a little more; however, it is important to know your limits. As a full time student, I do not recommend taking on a 12-hour workday. Overworking yourself can only lead to a potential burnout. Your main focus should be to maintain your grades while keeping up with work, therefore, it is important know when to take request a couple days off to preserve your mental health.

With the start of the school year starting back up, it is important to preserve your mental health. You should always be your first priority so do not be afraid to loosen the reins when school and work becomes too hard to maintain. I hope these helpful tips enable you to make a little extra cash this semester and have a great semester!
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